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  1. Thats the version im running. Literally plug and play, as well as tons of awesome enhancements.
  2. @neotko, this is one of the test videos, I am trying out both semiflex and regular ninja flex this weekend!
  3. Hey bob! I got my bondtech upgrade 2 weeks ago, and had it installed and testing within an hour. I used tinkergnomes firmware and agree with @eldrick, seriously good updates. Within a day, I was printing at ~80mm/s, where before I was printing 30-40 iRobert setup. As you mentioned, the steel coupler would be a concern, and in fact I had an issues with the feeder being TOO strong I had a scary event trying to print too fast, and had to clean it up. (luckily didn't ruin my olsson block). This can be avoided by slowly adjusting the feeding settings along with close watching the print and flow. I too was waiting for the printer upgrade from ultimaker, but decided I couldn't wait any longer and figured the bondtech feeder would be stronger. (I didn't have tested proof, just a guess). A few reasons I like it though: 1. Its far less money 2. It lives outside the box, meaning it can get external airflow and hopefully not overheat 3. I could possibly move the position of the feed above the printbed for a more direct feed in the future. 4. Im trying full ninja flex later this week, should have some results to share, but previously was only able to do semiflex! Hope this helps
  4. Not surprised at all. They are desperate to fix the Makerbot Oops.
  5. I just printed out a 4hr print with ninjaflex semiflex yesterday. Came out great at (20mm/sec), 210C with 145% flow (had to change while printing). I also have the iRoberts feeder, which is a huge help. Another thing too, if you have printed a while without cleaning (Atomic method) this could be causing the jams. I know I had to clean after every print with flexible material.
  6. Wow, thanks for all the replies!! I was hoping that someone had figured it out. You're probably right about not enough power. Well, there goes that idea!
  7. Has anyone tried this? With something like this http://www.amazon.com/Toshiba-Flash-Wireless-Memory-PFW032U-1BCW/dp/B00GEBTH80
  8. @neotko, maybe you've seen this: http://ngen.colorfabb.com/ looks like its very soon indeed!
  9. This version rocks! The two up design makes the most sense, even if no option for dual extrusion is available. Would be great for tool switching (if it has been added like ultiarjan setup) This would mean a major overhaul to the spool holders as well though. probably necessary. Looks great! Awesome progress!
  10. Wow, that looks a lot cleaner, from aesthetic standpoint. Only thing I see would be wiring clutter, if its flipped to that side. Also, hard too see from the pics, but would there be a place for a grommet at the bottom where filament enters the feeder? (Similar to the iRoberts feeder)
  11. This change looks like it would no longer need the filament guide, and also shorter bowden distance! I'm a fan! This may be another topic, but in the case of detecting stuck/empty/tied filament, would there be a way of accomplishing in such a short distance?
  12. I would prefer Option A as well. This is assuming the printed pieces work well in CF20 or XT??
  13. @mendells I have also been following your progress for a while. Great work! Count me in!! Name the price, and tell me when it will arrive Whats your ideal launch date?
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