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  1. Hi everyone! I've been having this problem for a while and can't figure it out: I though it might be the short belts so i tightened them put sadly it didn't improve the situation! The bed is also levelled nicely as it always only seems to be an issue on diagonal flat surfaces. Could it be slicer related? Hopefully, someone has some ideas! Regards Max
  2. Hi everyone, I re-soldered everything again and decided to replace the pt100 sensor with one I had bought right at the beginning of all these problems. Everything is perfect now. The ambient temperature reading is correct and I have been printing happily ever since. I'm just glad I didn't give up and buy a new heated bed (as was the advice from igo3d!). Thanks for all the advice and help. Regards, Max
  3. Hi everyone! After re-heating all the solder points on the heated bed a few times, also adding more solder on some parts as i went, everything seems to be stable now. The only thing that has changed is at ambient room temperature (21 degrees) the ultimaker is showing a bed temp of 28 degrees. The resistance of 109.2 Ohms would seem to confirm that but something must of happend whilst soldering. Is there anyway to adjust for the change in resistance in the firmware? I have looked at the PID values but i don't think that is a solution. Regards, Max
  4. Yes they did! It was one of the first things I did to try and correct the problem. Thanks for the tip though!
  5. Hi gr5, Thanks for the info! The resistance of the thermistor always measures 108 Ohms at 21 Degrees which is fine! I also tried the solution proposed by neotko (recompiling the firmware to use temp2 instead of temp3) and i am still getting the same strange behaviour! I have already reheated the connection of the temp sensor to the board but i will do as you suggested and give all the connections a work over! What do you mean by "remove and re-insert the PT100 wiring"? Thank you! Regards, Max
  6. Hi neotko, I don't know how much you know about the firmware but that would mean switching the pin numbers from 10 to -1 wouldn't it? I just looked it up in the firmware and that's the change that would make sense. It would be great if you or someone else could confirm this as there is very little information about what pin numbers correspond to what parts on the board! Hopefully this works! Regards and thank you, Max
  7. Maybe I miss the point but this seems perfectly normal to me.... assuming the ambient temperature of the room is 24 Celsius. Did you check the PT100 separately? I mean just go into maintenance, to heat the bed (so you can read the temperature) leave it to zero and then heat it with an external source like a heardrier? Ofcourse if you have a spare PT100 (like from the hot-end) you can also just stick it to the bed and test like this. That is exactly the problem. When the temperature sensor cable (going to temp3) is unplugged the resistance at all points (at the thermistor, on the block a
  8. Thanks for the heads up! I'll probably end up getting an official one. The thing is i'm not sure if mine is broken or not! My issue is in another part of the forum: https://ultimaker.com/en/community/view/18073-another-ultimaker-2-heated-bed-issue Maybe you can give an opinion on the issue! Regards and thanks again! Max
  9. Hi neotko, Thanks for the info. Should have searched it myself though! After reading your comments and those of others there were a few things I looked out for! http://www.aliexpress.com/item-img/3D-printer-accessories-Ultimaker-v2-1-1-control-board-Ultimaker-2-generations-board-finished-board-free/32474543921.html# I think the above link shows a pretty decent replica with power switch soldered on and the plastic (what part?) the right way around! Do you notice anything else wrong with that board other than the quality of certain parts probably being inferior? Regards and thanks again!
  10. Hi, Does anyone have any experience buying a new main board from China / Aliexpress? A new board in europe cost around €350! The price from china with customs duty comes to around €150. A lot cheaper! Hopefully someone can share their experience! Regards, Max
  11. Hi, Hopefully someone can clarify this for me. I have recently got the TEMP SENSOR BED error. The first thing I did was check all the connections and leads going to the heated bed and to the motherboard. Everything was fine. I then read about the issues with the soldering of the temp sensor attachment point to the heated bed. Seemed fine but I reheated the solder anyway. After checking everything I got my multimeter out, and with the heated bed completely disconnected from the machine, I measured a resistance of 108 Ohms. Falls perfectly in line with the 21 Degrees ambient temperature I hav
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