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    A simple set of bushes to suit HP cases where they have a special mount bush.
  3. I find this technique a bit complicated, even if make the ABS print comes out pretty well from the support. It could be nice if you could make a video of the entire process Regards It probably is complicated but my solution at the time as I had limited materials to hand I cant see a video being anymore useful the settings etc where in the first post and the removal in the video. It was an answer that worked on a problem at the time............I now have more mounting plates and materials so should be good................although I cant see the Kapton being a choice a gluestick is just
  4. I think it may depend on what you are printing there are many ways so it seems I like the raft for a part in ABS where I dont want to fight to remove it as my video as it has vulnerable parts I didnt want to distort/break also I found that I have less shrinkage problems as the part is not stuck to the table where it cannot shrink and I dont get the first few layers constrained more than the others above as all that is taken up to a great extent in the raft.
  5. Thanks for that cloakfiend this is how I removed product from a raft as my first post method
  6. Thanks all for your input I do appreciate your help and your "passion". After 3 weeks experience of printing I can say that with PLA prittstick is fine for me and with ABS I have had good results with the original post I made and the Cubestick glue stick which is easier. I will have a go with Kapton again as I am sure that someone so evangelical about a method must be having good results.........I must just have implemented it incorrectly. I probably wont make a video but will probably post how I get on.
  7. I have been using Rhino from ver2 and its good at what it does and fairly simple ..not easy.. to use but like any of them the better you get the more you can do....the biggest trick is to create watertight stl files . Its not inexpensive but cheaper than solidworks. I need to create parts with engineering type precision ..............I have not been using a 3D printer for long but like any gear what you design ideally needs to take into consideration the production of the item. My last project and my third 3D print job had 15 parts printed in ABS and other non printed parts had to fit toget
  8. I dont have any agenda regarding methods of adhesion I only stated the ones I have up to now that I managed to get to work. If I can get kapton to work for me then I will use it. The best methods are the ones easiest for me to use and currently it is glue sticks but if I need to use another method then I will I dont care what method I end up using as long as I get successful prints. When my second glass plate arrives I will revisit the Kapton route and follow the advice given...........if it fails to work for me then I will continue with the gluestick but if it works I am happy to stay wit
  9. Im afraid I have had NO success with the prittstick it just curled off when printing ABS great with PLA and my table is set correctly. The Cubestick with ABS is excellent works everytime.
  10. Ah OK so I can apply same as I do with vinyl nice and thanks for coming back I think I will order a second glass table makes life easier. merci bien
  11. thanks I have been reading of differnt ways of using the tape and your description is another . Thanks for sharing your experience. I do favour the cubestick method it is simple and took no effort to do just smeared the gluestick on the glassplate and away I went, with the Kapton I had to ensure it stuck down with out air bubbles etc...... but still failed but if I get stuck I may try it again. I now have the materials for all methods to hand now
  12. Just a bit of an update I have obtained Acetone Hairspray Kapton tape and Cube stick. I have tried 3 times the kapton and hairspray without success the hairspary just lifted of the kapton ...............maybe wrong brand of hairspray just got cheap strong hold. I tried the Cubestick and it worked first time Acetone ..............maybe later if the cubestick runs out Thanks all for your input
  13. Thanks for the reply I was just using what I had to hand and it works just an option I am willing to try anything that works
  14. I have ordered a cubestick not to bad a price I tthought from here http://www.helpanyonecreate.co.uk/cubestick.html# under a tenner
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