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  1. Thank you both Neotko and Nerdwarrior for the replay. I've taken it down again last night... I've managed to make the whole thing wobble free with a couple of washers... And I think I find the issue by exclusion. It seems the shaft/adapter has a bit of play inside the bearings...in addition when the the grub nut is tight it (due to the flat sides) it pushes the gearing offeset. Those 2 are causing the moving away the gearing from the centre of rotation....and therefore uneven pressure on the filament. I'll try today at work to CNC 2 new shaft out of aluminium. @neotko... it
  2. Hi there, I've just print and installed 2 of the Neotko FatIRobert on my um2+ i'm having similar issue as @derbroti with the 2.85mm. I have lots of play ( that I was able to resolve with some washer) and reprinting a the arm.... but no matter what I'm getting some serious under-extrusion issue. I've been playing now for 2 days, taking apart,checking an tuning my Thinkergnome firmware but i cannot seems to resolve the issue. Any one that can help on the matter?
  3. Hello, is there anyone could let me know how to create a new UM2 modified profile in Cura 3.4.1 that would not have the bed clip grey areas + and a larger printing area? I'm currently using the magnetic lockbuild kit that extends over the bed clips, giving access to print over those area. + I've order some fan blower to create vertical shroud that will considerably reduce the footprint of the print head, giving me possibly an extra 10-15mm along the x axis.
  4. Hi Labern. I'm modding my UM2+ (upgraded from 2) with the Mark 2 second extruder, Downloading your modded 22mm um2+ housing to fit a 2nd um2+ feeder and um2 old motor. Should I be using the above 738 e-step value in the firmware? Any thing else...how about to reverse the motor rotation? Thank you in advance?
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