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  1. Thanks for your replies... As I mentioned on my initial post, I dried the filament on the dryer shown in the picture, for more than 12 hours every time I attempted a print. Finally I replaced the roll with another one, and the print came out. I'll leave the misbehaving filament for a couple of days in the drier, maybe that will do it.
  2. I've been trying to print a prototype piece using Nylon (needs to be strong at compression). I've tried the following things: 1.- I leave the filament on a filament dryer all night 2.- Print standing up 3.- Print sideways 5.- Replaced extruder head with a new one 6.- Used an Ultimaker 2+ 7.- Used an Ultimaker 2+ Extended And every time, after some hours of print, when the piece reaches 10-13 mm the print starts going bad... like the material flow is reduced, to a point where it stops printing... I use Simplify3d with U
  3. Hello -- I have an Ultimaker 2+ Extended (originally an Ultimaker 2 but I installed the upgrade) Yesterday I have a problem where the bed stopped heating before printing... I decided to look into the connectors in the bed and the motherboard. No connections were faulty... but my card looks like burned in some areas.. (See picture)... is this a bad sign? [/media] Thanks Alejandro
  4. I'be been trying to figure out the right settings to print using Ultimaker Nylon filament with Simplify3d I found a site that recommended Extruder = 250 and Heated Bed = 100. I printed a piece with those settings... it didn't come out bad... but not great either. Next time I tried to print something... the printer started to skip the bed heating part jumping straight to the extrusion with the bed cold... In panic I tried to find out what was the issue... I found a couple of references about faulty connections... so I opened it up.. checked everything without finding a problem and put it b
  5. I printed a Key Fob case in PLA, and it broke, so I am thinking on using a stronger material. Looks like CPE is the right choice, but I read that since it prints hotter, it may melt the PTFE coupler. Do Ultimaker 2 and Ultimaker 2+ use the same coupler? So, ... How much does CPE printing really affects the coupler? and... Where can I buy it in the US? Thanks Alejandro
  6. I have material accumulating on the top of the olsson block... and eventually it comes around covering the extruder.[/media][/media] It started when I switched to a different brand of filament. I try to clean it but it doesn't seem to go away. Any ideas? Thanks Alejandro
  7. Thanks Neotko... You mean the second one? The one not making noise? Gracias Neotko.. Cuando dices "La segunda" ¿Te refieres a la impresora que aparece al final? ¿La que no hace ruido?
  8. I am printing some pieces that require the filament to retract very frequently. Both printers are printing ok, but one of them seem to be having more action on the feeder side, I am afraid it may break eventually. I don't know if I should tighten one feeder or loosen the other. (Please see attached video)
  9. iRobertl I'm having the same problem. The sound seems to come from the area where the pulleys from the X, Y, and Y Axis motor belt are together... Is there a way to know if the bearing has a problem, and if so. Is there any place where I can go see how to replace it?
  10. Hello -- I have two Ultimakers. an Extended one which I later converted to "+" and an Ultimaker+. I noticed today, that the one I bought later has something on the extruder that the one I converter doesn't. Can someone tell me if that is normal?
  11. Hi -- I am printing these pieces that will be assembled later. They are supposed to be perfectly squared (modeled as a cube in Openscad). When I put them together, there's an open angle (See pictures) I don't know why they don't print as squares. Any idea on how to fix this?
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