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  1. @ Aogra My thoughts at first too, but I checked the Gcode and all 2400 layers were present. I went to do another print just now and discovered that the nozzle was clogged. Maybe it is possible that the printer went through the motions of completing the print but no material was extruded for the last 500 layers or so. I would think this would cause an error way before it could run through all 500 layers though, either an overheating error or something. Plus the nozzle and the print looked in good condition when I found the partially completed print. I ended up breaking the print into 2 sm
  2. First time posting after buying my Ultimaker and in need of some help. First, if there is already a thread on this my apologies as I could not find it. There are a lot of posts about incomplete prints but I couldn't find any where the printer acknowledges the print as being complete when it's not. I'm running an Ultimaker 2 which I've had for about 2 months and the only modifications I've made are installing the Olsonn Block (which then lead to replacing the thermocouple....). This print was my first large print utilizing almost the entire Z axis. I have the print settings down to a slow
  3. So... definitely maybe?! It is an odd concept, I never could understand why anyone would go out for Black Friday. Getting something online for less at the convenience of your computer just for buying during a specific period however, I can get on board with.
  4. Are there any talks of temporarily bringing the UM2 price down for a promotional black Friday or Cyber Monday sale? Maker Bot/Lulzbot/Afinia/3d systems and several others have already announced theirs. I know the Olson block is being offered this month for free, but to be honest the bottom line price is an issue for me more than extra's I can purchase along the way.
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