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  1. Do you mean my last point? What I am saying is that a flexible TPU filament such as NinjaFlex will not neatly feed into the extruder, then from the first hobbed gear to the second one, and then out to the bowden tube, if you do not put a channel or some tubing in to control where it goes. I think what you said makes sense,TPU filament should be a problem.I prepare for a test and fix my extruder:P
  2. It is used to the first extruder,because China can't buy the upgrade package for the Ultimaker2:D
  3. I drew a picture for the first problem. Thank you for reminding me for the second problem,I'll try to fix this problem. (I am really sorry I can not understand the meaning of the second question clearly,because my English is not good)
  4. China really have a lot of very good businessman,But most good businessman does not understand English,Alibaba international and domestic businesses to sell things on the real level is differ a lot.If I have chance, I want to sell the real good things abroad.But now my English level is not high(sad。。。。。。。:()
  5. 8)We have designed a new extrusion machine for ultimaker2+ double feeding wheel and Gear reduction1:3 By:DWMaker yangxiang1029
  6. Thank you for your reminder.I'm ready straight axis.I chose a lot of shops, but also to buy a bad thing.
  7. Thank you for your reminder.I'm ready straight axis.(I chose a lot of shops, but also to buy a bad thing.)
  8. Hello everybody,Long time didn't come back Let me introduce you to the latest progress.(My English is not very good, if you have said is wrong, please forgive me)Before that a set of problems appeared on the shell processing.So I back to the production.(Including nozzle,machine casing)Other components are assembled.I am waiting for CNC Machining center get the Nozzle processing job done. Picture has not been able to upload,I will re upload the latest pictures later.
  9. Not equal to the original works, and the price is more expensive:)But many Chinese merchants didn't shop on ebay
  10. There are lots of things in China.Not equal to the original works, and the price is more expensive
  11. Version 1.0


  12. :)Hello, I am a Chinese player and like electronic production :DRecently I want to build an Ultimaker2 Extended.The project has begun.I have prepared some parts.[/media][/media-thumb][/media][/media]
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