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  1. Hi guys! I do really like this project! Because of this project I started building a Ultimaker 2 extended. But I was wondering, is there somebody out there thats is using the E3D V6 hotends? I don`'t really understand the ones off ultimaker. I have orderd two of them, but I now see i need more than just that. I also need those metal plates of the printhead: Printhead parts Thanks!
  2. @Anthrix Could you tell something more about your setup? I'm building my ultimaker with the same bed and Z probe. Could you tell something about the printhead, you had shared the link to the files? But how about the Z probe. Did you made a bracket yourself? And how about the marlin setup? do you still have a Z max endstop or only the Z probe. I always have a hard time setting these probes up. I also saw you have a github with your Marlin version, great! And how is the heated bed mounted, fixed or with springs? Thanks!
  3. @foehnsturm I was just wondering if the rails on your new 3d printer are very noisy compared to a shaft and bushing. And what size is the rails? 15mm
  4. thank you got it al working now, i will keep you updated!! Only the scale is not the right size anymore, the holes for the m3 are like 40 mm big:P
  5. is it just me, or do i get a texts file? I certainly do something wrong here
  6. Hey foehnstrum , do you have some cad for me, please?? i would realy like to use them.
  7. Oke so the are worth it but the are really expensive and i can`t find the in the right size. Or are we not on the same page?!
  8. Well the look really nice but how that looks a crossflow fan, and is this better than a normale fan?
  9. Read this posts, they are quite interesting https://ultimaker.com/en/community/view/3839-the-physics-of-cooling https://ultimaker.com/en/community/view/4890-the-crossflow-fan-approach Well maby it works great but it look really weird I have to of two of these laying around So i would like to use these
  10. I really like the design, But i only miss a extra fan for cooling for the print Where can i get al the part and the stl files, i really need two for my new printer:D
  11. Well then I need to take a look at mine extruder it is the loudest part of al?! But do you have some stp file of the extruder for me? So I can edit them for my E3D mount.
  12. working on the e3d mount: Ohh and foensturm, do you have some stp files of the extruder, so i can start making the one drirect drive extruder mount for the right hot end?!
  13. Well maybe it look strangely but it is really a good idea. i like it:P
  14. Oke really cool, did you make it something like this? add 4 minutes he start cutting
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