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  1. Hi, we have a UM2 at our company and I am thinking about switching it to the Tinker firmware. Just two quick questions: Does the FW play more nicely with octoprint than the original firmware? And does it print Ultimaker GCode files from SD card? The original only interpreted the Ultimaker GCode prefix if it was started from the LCD print menu. If the Tinker FW solved these two issues it would be the icing on the cake with all features it brings along anyway.
  2. I'll have to see if I find the time. As I am trying to get Ultimaker2 to work with Octoprint it would be nice to exctract the UltiGCode handling from the LCD printing implementation and also use it for the M command to start a print job from SD card. But that is another topic...
  3. Which Marlin firmware is the Ultimaker 2 firmware based on? I updated to the latest (released) Ultimaker 2 firmware and it still has a bug that supposedly has been resolved in Marlin (Printing from SD card via M23 truncates the last letter from the filename, e.g. foo.gco => foo.gc) And the link to the Marlin firmware also does not work anymore. Marlin is now hosted at: https://github.com/MarlinFirmware/Marlin
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