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  1. Feeder will slip/skip if it encounters too high resistance while pushing the filament... This could happen if. eg. your filament is too thick, oval or in other ways blocks the bowden tube... It also happens if you are trying to push filament through too fast for the temperature setting... As mentioned by @Labern, at 100 mm/s print speed, your filament should be like liquid honey for it to keep up... that means higher temperature. I agree with all of this, that said, it was never a problem before. This machine always just belted out great prints until it didnt. And its using the same filament it always has so nothing has really changed. My printrbot stay at around 200 - 205 for PLA but I never push it to 100ms so whats the suggested temp for 100ms? 215? 220?
  2. Well I replaced the hotend and it appears to be better although I think its the filament feeder thats the issue, it keeps on slipping regardless of how its set. Its weird because it worked fine, it just slips all the time now. I think the knurl has lost its edge tbh.
  3. I got a spare nozzle when we bought the unit, its just a real PITA to replace I guess I have no option though.
  4. 205, bed at 60 and I am using Form Futura EasyFil PLA The machine is an Ultimaker 2 Extended And another pic :/ So awhile back the machine jammed over the weekend, it wasnt my print, I didnt even know the machine was on. I came back on the monday and the PLA had basically turned into glass. I cleaned everything out using the atomic method, replaced the teflon sleeve although the original one was fine and reset everything. Its just not been on form since then. Do you think replacing the nozzle would make any difference?
  5. So I have a Printrbot Simple Metal at home that's been doing a great job so I have spent more on that macine than the office printer. I am trying to troubleshoot some issues here :/ And the settings arent crazy either.
  6. Well I tried printing another part and it seems like the under extrusion stopped happening so it may have just been the print but there is still under extrusion happening on the corners of the new print. And yes, I have cleaned out the feeder and the tube is all the way in. I'm starting to realise now that the bowden tube does have its complications
  7. Hi, I originally did the Atomic method and got a tiny needle and cleaned out the nozzle. The last time I cleaned it out I got the perfect cone :/ I'm really at a bit of a loss since it seems like the printer is coping with straight lines, it just gets thrown with circles. I think I am just going to remove the entire hotend and replace it and see what the out come is. I'll go through the info again, thanks for the link
  8. Hi, My company has had its Ultimaker 2 Extended for about 3 months and up until now it has been performing well. About 3 weeks ago, I set it to print overnight and when I came to check on it in the morning, the spool had got tangled in itself and the feeder had ground away the filament. The printer obviously continued what it needed to do and I came in to see a mess. Ever since then it has not been extruding properly. I have cleaned out the hotend quite a few times and replaced the PTFE coupler, which to my eyes was fine but decided to replace it anyway. Where I seem to be struggling is anything that is circular, it just flat out under extrudes even if I pump up the heat to 230 and push the flow rate to 110%. And I am not pushing the speed either, the last print I was running at 40mms max, slower on the inner perimeters. Oh and the filament is colourfab. Its just not been itself after that day. Should I look at maybe replacing the hotend? I have a Printrbot Simple Metal as well and this kind of stuff is either a result of the hotend being dirty, dodgy filament or just running the printer too fast. Nothing which can be the problem here unless the hotend is stuffed.
  9. So problem solved. It turned out to be either a dodgy USB Hub or a dodgy USB cable. I replaced the chain and everything works great now
  10. Hi all, I did a quick search but didn't find anything on the topic, apologies in advance of its already been discussed. So I've had my Printrbot Simple Metal and im having an odd thing happen to me. Cura 15.04.03 keeps resetting itself every time I need to relaunch it, which right now, is every time after a print is finished because Cura will hang once the jobs done and ill have to crash it to continue?! Every time I relaunch, Cura will ask me what printer I'm using and go through the whole initial setup routine which frankly is getting a bit annoying now it sometimes retains the settings from the last print, sometimes not, it's pretty inconsistent. I'm currently using a Gigabyte Q2005 Netbook running Windows 7 to handle Cura which bar one or 2 issues has been fine. Anybody have an idea why Cura keeps resetting itself? I use Cura at work and I've never experienced this issue.
  11. Luckily the local agent seems to know the PSM in and out, actually if it wasn't for him and his enthusiasm and passion for the product, I wouldn't have gone with it. In the same breath, the local Ultimaker agent came across very professional but less hands on so 2 very different approaches and it's why it's taken nearly 3 weeks to make a decision I think it's going to be an interesting journey I'll also test the same prints on the different machines and see how they compare. So far the Ultimaker 2 has been nothing short of fantastic.
  12. Hi, thanks for your input! So I ordered a Printrbot SImple Metal, the local agent gave me a great cyber monday deal which was really hard to refuse. So it looks like i'll be working on both machines which is pretty cool tbh. I don't expect the Printrbot to be anywhere near as easy to use as the Ultimaker 2 (which is just really a great machine) but its what the budget allows for now
  13. Hi all, I am currently going through a conundrum I am sure a lot do when choosing your 1st 3D printer. So right now, in South Africa, I am able to get a Printrbot Simple Metal kit with the optional heated bed for $735 USD or I can buy the Ultimaker Original (without a heated bed) on special for $1050 (it's normally $1400). So my question is this, what's a better choice? Currently I have an Ultimaker 2 Extended at work that's great and it's kinda why I am interested in the Original. Saying that, the reviews on the Printrbot Simple Metal have been positive. I am pretty technical and have a strong technical background so the need to fiddle does not scare me but tbh, I just want to make sure I make the correct choice to begin with. Printing with only PLA is fine with me as well. So is the Ultimaker Original worth the extra money considering I don't get a heated bed? will it be a better printer in the long run?
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