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  1. Remy, thanks for getting back to me it's a UM2+ after upgrading it turned out the problem was the gear similar to this https://ultimaker.com/en/community/22360-ultimaker-2-suddenly-not-feeding first print after fixing up seems to be cruising. gotta print the mod to keep it from happening again. and will update my profile.. nice collection..
  2. oh the good news was that I swapped for draft nozzle, just to see how that works let the filament eating begin
  3. man I thought I had a heating problem or something. Was driving me crazy.. same thing just happened to me it was pretty far down. Gotta print the mod out so it won't happen again. cheers!!!
  4. all of a sudden all of my prints stopped extruding. I noticed very thin brim then almost nothing. I restarted print and manually overode the temperature from 210-219 and it seems to be much smoother. there are pla temperature settings in CURA, I set my own temp but when printing it still sits at 210 then I went on device to material - settings - customize and changed them but nothing worked then I downloaded material.txt and changed the text files on computer and imported, but nothing seems to change. Still at 210. perplexed. thanks in advance
  5. Ever since upgrading the ultimaker 2 to to a 2+ I always have issues loading filament. everything is going smoothly until the last section where filament goes into the extruder, it always seems to be misaligned and blocked. back gear tries to push but it can't go anywhere because it is hitting the extruder in some way. I have tried to push Bowden tube down further but it's not helping. also with the firmware it seems like if I am unsuccessful and cancel then try to start again by retracting the printer never gets to 100% to start to retract, I have to power the machine off and then restart
  6. I am running cura on a mac version 15.06 when I add multiple objects it does some edge detection and auto lays out each object. any way to turn this off for manual placement of objects? thx. j$
  7. for some reason if I cancel a print, even if I let it cool down all the way and then start a new print, it almost always fails, i.e. no filament extrudes whatsoever. Loading and re-loading filament seems to work, but it seems quite ridiculous to have to do so. printing pla mostly at 210
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