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  1. Hey Nigel, Edge and Aichi are both on my next to do list I want to fly the Aichi off snow, god prevail we get any. Austria without snow in december... can you imagine? The Spitfire is a tough little bugger as are all 3dlabprint designs. The 38 is coming along nicely. Aim is to fly it in my days off around new years. Wish you and everybody reading this a very merry Christmas! Rgds, Philipp
  2. Hey FLG, that Spit Looks brilliant! Congrats on a clean print. Have you flown it yet? After many many flights I have passed mine on to a flying Buddy and am currently printing a P-38 for myself... Rgds and Merry X-Mas, Philipp
  3. Thanks for the Input. These are ball raced according to the product description. Truth be told, I am quite suprised These DC brushless fans work with PWM at all. The little controller must initialize first, check the position of the bell and then power up... and all this pulsed many times per second. I work a lot with brushless motors in my rc hobby and thats a lot of work for the ESC to do. Thats probably also the reason why the UM Board has a short 100% pulse when turning the fans on. Its easier for the ESC to determine the RPM of a moving bell.
  4. Right, FWIW, my UM2 is working again. After changing the 817 I first bought a set of Sunon Maglev MC30101V2-0000-A99 Fans. They do not work with the board. I then bought some cheap fans from here: Click me softly and they do the trick although they have the same specs as the more expensive Sunon ones... go figure. Both are brushless, both are 12V...
  5. Neotko, yes, very glad the board is fixed. I will order the fans tomorrow. Hope they arrive quickly, I have customers waiting Rgds and thanks for the help, its much appreciated! Philipp
  6. Right, hooked up the working original fan to the board and it works... So the question now really is where to get new fans. Looks like both are shot as is the cable somewhere along the line.
  7. OK, I wired up the LED to the PWM and it works perfectly. I can regulate the brightness of the LEDs with the FAN control. Fans wont work on the LED control though... Is it possible that the little controller in both fans could be shot? The other fans are not original UM. Best guess is these are not PWM fans... Would make sense. Seeing the cables of one of mine are cooked, where can I get replacement fans?
  8. Yep, I changed it but no avail. i have a couple more so maybe I just managed to get a faulty one. I will change it again. But I will use the LED's to cross check. Both Fans are new, but I cross checked with a pair of working ones from my secon UM2. Same story so the fans are definitely OK.
  9. Hi Guys, I have a very annoying Problem with my UM2. Due to a faulty duct (it broke during an overnight print) one fan came loose and the cable got smoldered thus causing a short circuit. After this, the (new) fans would only run on 100%. between 01 and 99% they would only "quiver". I replaced the 817 Transistor and when I measure the Voltage you can see it go up nicely to 24V as I increase the steps in the menu. But again, the fans only start up at 100%... Any Ideas are much appreciated... Rgds, Philipp
  10. Hi Guys, after just over 2000 hours of very happy printing the printed shroud cought on the print tearing from the head and ripping the fan cable thus shorting it. After fixing everything the fans will only work on and off. So 100% or nothing. I must have shot something in the controller board. Has anyone had this problem? Thanks in Advance, Philipp
  11. Hi Nigel, Yep, the silver Spitfire and the following silver P-51 both came out fine. The Mustang will fly this weekend. I cant give you any tips with cura, I sliced all parts in Simplify3D which worked very well for me. What I did do in S3D was print with a layer width of 0,48mm. It doesnt do much to the weight but the parts are a lot stronger. Turn cooling off completely for good layer adhaesion and something I did do was print every part on ist own. I did not print the entire wing in one inning like stepan does in the videos. Good luck printing the spit! Mine has about 30 flights on it
  12. Hi SKDesign, Ich poste meine Antwort auf Deine PN auch hier nochmal rein da ich das Problem so in den Griff bekommen habe. Übrigens konnte ich am Anfang auch mit etwa 0,5kg Blei den Fehler egalisieren, eine Dauerlösung ist das aus meiner sicht aber nicht den Stepper damit mehr zu belasten. Hier nochmal für die Öffentlichkeit 8) SG, Philipp
  13. Hey guys, thanks for the nice comments. But the credit for the design does NOT go to me but to the guys at 3dlabprint.com. That is also why I built a spit and not a "Würger" All I did was print it, but for me that was challenge enough The design in itself is quite a piece of genius as its geodesic inner support does not need a main spar and allows thin outer walls. Wingspan is just under one meter, weight just under one kilo whereas the print itself is about 460g.
  14. Thanks! Its a challenge to print and I printed the parts many times till I got proper results that I could use for the model. The Plane is actually normal PLA (Innofill transparent) und is strong enough althoug its only one perimeter (~0,48mm). The plane has five flights now and it flew perfectly well right form the start. With the current setup it does about 140km/h and has flight times of 8-12minutes, depending on throttle management. Heat was not an issue (yet) as the outside temp was only about 3°C. The motor and prop were balanced very well so no vibrations on the cell. Plane has fiv
  15. Hey guys, thanks to the talented 3dlabprint.com team I was able to print my first rc plane on my UM2... It flies absolutely brilliantly! Challenging but fun print!
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