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  1. did you ever get it to work? i have the same one but i keep getting temp errors. what kind of board did you use(if any)? and are you running with the ulticontroller 1.5.7?
  2. hi again i moved away from the UM2 to a custom UMO(some minor changes, not sure if they are good or bad) with a full graphics controller and a ada 597 thermocouple. good new is i built the printer, bad news is i may have fried the arduino..... somehow i turned one of the stepper drivers the wrong way, i am using the a4988 ones. it currently has the ulticontroller 1.5.7 pcb and a heated bed. i do have some questions for the more seasoned people here (yes i am a noob) has anyone tried this setup and got it working? has anyone tried using the UM2 injection molded sliders on a UMO? and something tells me i will be asking more questions....
  3. ultiarjan i left a message for minivipers and thank you gr5 do you have a link to the thermocouple you would buy for yourself?
  4. Hi would you be interested in making and selling the UM2 kit? i have been looking all over the internet for a frame kit and i cant find it at an affordable price with the heat bed base. (Not the extended version)
  5. I like the "Minion" idea :)unfortunately there is no makerspace near where i live. I did not know about the PT100, so i will buy a Thermocouple from reprap(if i can find it). what is the difference between the UM2 and the UMO when it comes to construction? apart from the injection molded parts. can i use the same belt kit? and does anyone know where i could find a laser cut / cnc milled frame kit?
  6. Hi i am trying to build a UM2 but i seem to be stuck on the frame and base plate, everywhere i look it is about $350 plus shipping. what i was wondering is if anyone here knows a affordable place to find these parts? (not even sure if this was the right place to ask) i am also looking at the wireharness, and trying to figure out what i need, or possibly buy a wire set/kit. i currently have the ulticontroller 1.5.7.
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