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  1. I decided to put it up for auction at a starting price 1100€ http://www.ebay.de/itm/-/252328887638?
  2. It currently has around 500 printing hours however besides the the broken heating cartridge everything else works well
  3. I am going to sell my UM2 since I have upgraded to the Ultimaker extended plus how much would I get for it on eBay or a similar website. however the printer is not in perfect shape last week the heater cartridge has broken I also don't have much experience repairing something like this. so I have decided to rather sell the entire unit since it became kind of unnecessary to have two ultimakers anyway .also the printer has a small dent in one of its feet however it never effected any prints.
  4. I have checked the switch which and it seems to be completely broken
  5. My UM2 displays the following error message Z screw stuck However the bill played moves freely by hand but the Um2 is not able to lower the built played even when requested through the advanced menu when I pressed the lower button it just brings the bill plate further up
  6. Yes it does look like the first layer is quite squished Should I do another bed calibration
  7. It's the stock filament what comes with the Ultimaker. it happens in the first layer as well as the layers after. But it doesn't happen in every print even if it is the same model sometimes it does sometimes it doesn't under extrude so it's not really consistent
  8. I'm currently using the 0.4 nozzle and getting extruding problems add 210c 50mms The printer is four days old should be undamaged as well as clean and teflon should still be as good as new I currently have a 2 mm gap in between the stainless steel isolator and the teflon like recommended in the Ultimaker ios app. I always change the nozzle at around 150c since it is a lot easier at that temperature I have did some cold pulls like you recommended but it make no difference :(
  9. I seem to have an extruding problems with ultimaker v2 using olsson block by using th 0.4 and 0.8 nozzle I can hear the stepper motor skipping steps and see an under extrudin in my prints what should I do 210C nozzle 60C bad 50mm/s speed I have seen this problem occur in 100 to 200 microns z resolution
  10. What is the distance supposed to be from the ptfe coupler and the heater block isolator??
  11. I have checked the frame it seems like it wobbles on a flat surface by around 2.5mm. Will this be a problem? However all the electronics still seem to work.
  12. Thanks for your reply! I have checked the frame it seems like it wobbles on a flat surface by around 2.5mm. Will this be a problem? However all the electronics still seem to work.
  13. What should I do with my damage ultimaker it got damaged during shipping to another locationnm. I have already replaced the unit. However is it worth or possible to repair the unit are should I sell it on eBay how much would I still get for it. [/media] The belts have also lost the tension between them.
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