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  1. No surprise. It's not a Joystick. It has it's very own HID class.
  2. What would you sent for a slow panning motion in Y+Z while at the same time rotating around X and a bit aroud Y and slightly more around Z ? You always move in all 6 axis at the same time with a space mouse. That's the whole point of this input device.
  3. You can map BUTTONS with their software but what would you map very precise analog movement in 6 axis to? The protocoll is known and there are 3rd party implementations. 3DConnexion publishes a very well documented API, drivers and tools for all major operating systems including Linux. I have just helped my CAM software to implement support for the space mouse. It's just something we would like Ultimaker to actually do in Cura.
  4. I wrote to support@ultimaker.com with the compressed roaming profile folder and a link to this "discussion".
  5. Does it contain anything that shall not be public (names of model files, ...)?
  6. It was the same ID in Cura 3.0.4 and 2.5 and 2.2 and ... So I highly doubt that. Probably some incompatible change in the profiles this machine type has to inherit from or something that didn't copy over from 3.0.4.
  7. "Could not deserialize container Ultimaker 2 Extended 1.0mm" "ERROR - UM.Logger.logException [80]: Exception: When trying to deserialize Ultimaker 2 Extended 1.0mm, we received an unknown ID (ultimaker2_extended_1.0) for container" Comparing 3.0 and 3.1, everything seems to be there. The printer just doesn't load and thus never shows up. Again, where do you want this log to be sent to? It's way too long to quote it. (44.4MB)
  8. Where does the Windows version store it's logs and logs of what time period do you need? Log of the installer? Of a 3.1 startup? ... Where do you want me to send that log to?
  9. I have an Ultimaker 2 with Olsson block and Reprap g-code defined and it has custom materials and printing profiles. However after installing Cura 3.1 only the 2 other (less relevant) printers show up. There was no warning during the installation process that something could not be imported. Of cause Printers in Cura have no "export"/"import" functionality, so I can't get it into Cura 3.1 using the GUI. These are not beta-versions. These are stable releases.
  10. I meant in the Program Files folder. Thanks. What do you do when the next Cura update comes?
  11. You would have to add a "variant" definition file. Create a copy of resources/variants/ultimaker2_extended_0.8.inst.cfg and replace 0.8 by 1.0. I don't seem to have a "resources" directory in "C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\cura\2.6". There is a "variants" directory but it contains the 3 defined printers Custom+FDM+printer_variant.inst.cfg Ultimaker+2+Extended_variant.inst.cfg Ultimaker+2+Extended+1.0mm_variant.inst.cfg No files for the individual nozzle sizes a printer can have. The last file contains [general] version = 2 name = Ultimaker 2 Extended 1.0mm_variant definition = ultimaker2_extended [metadata] type = variant [values] machine_nozzle_size = 1 machine_gcode_flavor = RepRap (Marlin/Sprinter) but only "Automatic", "0.25", "0.4", "0.6" and "0.8" can be selected in Cura 2.6 Beta.
  12. I cannot find it. Do you mean "Fuzzy Skin"?
  13. With the Cura 2.6 Beta I can now select the nozzle size for my Ultimaker II extended with Olsson block... but how can I add the fact that I have a 1.0mm nozzle that I use most of the time for large, mechanical parts?
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