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  1. I just tried the plugin. All axis are inverted. Without marketplace I'd have to install it again and again for 4.9 and 4.10 and 4.11 😕
  2. Well, you have to install it before starting Cura.
  3. Why not? All other feature-plugins are there, the compatibility with different cura versions are taken care of, there are update notifications and aparently the "plugins" directory is managed by Cura and not supposed to have user content. So you have to repeat that with every single Cura update. Sometimes multiple times a week. With Windows making it difficult to navigate to your own user directory, hiding the "\AppData" directory, having 3 different profile directories, 2 of them having "cura" subdirectories ("Roaming" and "local") while it should of
  4. Will the step "disable the normal Spacemouse driver" still be needed in the final version? Will a later version be available in the Cura Marketplace? Moving from CAD to Cura and then back to CAD for incremental improvements, this will be cumbersome.
  5. Thanks. That at least gives a definition of what a variant nozzle / print core is. Not much for creating one. But that's too far off topic for fixing issues from the profile import of Cura 4.x to 4.5.
  6. Ok, in C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\cura\4.5\machine_instances I opened my custom machine instance definition "Ultimaker+2+Extended.global.cfg" and added the line "has_machine_materials = false" THEN started Cura 4.5 Now I have materials. Many materials are missing. (e.g. all the EastMan Kodak). Here I can select a different printer, make a copy of the material in the Cura UI, then change to my printer and the ORIGINAL AND COPY of the material will suddenly be visible. I have yet to find out what the "[containers]" section m
  7. Here are the missing button. The imported UM2ex with Olsson Block and Reprap g-code flavor, the recreated UM2ex with Olsson Block and Reprap g-code flavor, the recreated UM2ex with Olsson Block and default g-code flavor. 1 and 3 should be identical but they are not.
  8. Oh, you mean selecting a different printer in Cura and using its g-code on the the UM2Ex. If the UM2+ having stronger fans doesn't matter, I can try that. The extruder g-code should be in mm/s of actual filament, so not having the geared down extruder shouldn't matter indeed.
  9. Well, ABS and PLA are missing to. If not all have been updated, then these would Probably have been the first to be updated. (I guess). One consequence of a Plugin Marketplace is that Material plugin will either not be updated at all or not in the sync with Cura updates. So old versions of the the schema must be supported for some time. As for the "Machine Settings", I'll see about providing a screenshot. The button is actually missing on my machine."Connect to Octoprint" is there for the newly created UM2 but not for the UM2 imported from the previous Cura ve
  10. Any update on this? With Cura 4.x (currently 4.5) we get Materials from the Cura Marketplace and they are regularly updated. So how to we get them from Cura into a MATERIALS.TXT thart an Ultimaker 2 or 2+ understands?
  11. My existing printer (imported from previous Cura versions) has no "Machine settings" and no "Connect Octoprint" after the update to Cura 4.5 (and "Select Upgrades" is gone) . It does have these settings in Cura 4.3. I created 3 new printers. An "Ultimaker 2 extended with Olsson" with no changes, an "Ultimaker 2 extended with Olsson" with´ the printer configuration setting "g-code flavor"="reprap" and a "Prusa i3" The global, non-printer-dependent Cura configuration in Preferences->Configure Cura->Materials is empty, if any of the fi
  12. The UM2Ex is run via Octoprint, so it has reprap flavor g-code. This should only have an effect on the exported flavor of g-code after slicing. There is a no UI to assign materials to a printer in the printer settings. The global list of all materials in FILE->settings->materials (that is independent of the selected printer) is empty despite Cura, Colorfabb and Eastman material plugin being installed.
  13. I just sent the file. Didn't make it to the workshop yesterday. (Bad weather and the first Covid-19 case in town scaring everyone.)
  14. OK. Will do later this day. I didn't know that a project file would contain any information about materials not used in the that project or about installed material plugin of the slicer instance that created/edited it.
  15. A project file? Of a sliced project containing (a) 3d model(s) ? Are you sure you don't mean one of the Cura profile folders? From Windows 10 AppData/local, AppData/localLow or AppData/roaming. Where to send What files using What identifier/ticket id?
  16. Nice upgrade but with only my print profiles but no material profiles after the upgrade it's not usable. (Yes, I reinstalled my Eastman Materials plugin. Still not a single material. Can't uninstall the Ultimaker Default material plugin to reinstall that too.)
  17. Cura 4.5 starts well. No crash so far. However after slicing something and switching from 0.6 to 0.8 nozzle size (as this more closely resembles my 1.0mm nozzle) there are NO MATERIALS AT ALL. The Marketplace shows the Ultimaker and Eastman materials plugins to be installed. I uninstalled the Eastman materials plugin. Restarted Cura Installed it again. Restarted Cura. Still no material profiles at all.
  18. Cura 4.4.1, the same crash. 4.4.0 and 4.4.1 don't even start due to something with the generic_pla profile. I have to keep using 4.3 because that works.
  19. So in Cura 4 all my materials (including standard materials) except for 1 custom material are gone and one 2 of my print profiles show up. They all work perfectly fine in Cura 4.3 . How do I get them back the proper way on a Windows machine (no shell) without fiddling around in config files? I tried uninstalling Cura 4.4.0, deleting the cura 4.4 config and installing 4.4.1. But 4.4.1 doesn't even start. The currently selected material is generic PLA. A material that was completely missing in Cura 4.4.0 but is currently being used just fine in Cura 4.3
  20. No surprise. It's not a Joystick. It has it's very own HID class.
  21. What would you sent for a slow panning motion in Y+Z while at the same time rotating around X and a bit aroud Y and slightly more around Z ? You always move in all 6 axis at the same time with a space mouse. That's the whole point of this input device.
  22. You can map BUTTONS with their software but what would you map very precise analog movement in 6 axis to? The protocoll is known and there are 3rd party implementations. 3DConnexion publishes a very well documented API, drivers and tools for all major operating systems including Linux. I have just helped my CAM software to implement support for the space mouse. It's just something we would like Ultimaker to actually do in Cura.
  23. I wrote to support@ultimaker.com with the compressed roaming profile folder and a link to this "discussion".
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