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  1. Excellent, thank you for linking that I will do some more research from here!
  2. Great, thank you for the tips. Is there a guide on how to get custom machines working in Cura?
  3. Does anyone know if this TEVO Nereus can A) work with Cura? Or, B) is any good at all/have had personal experience? Would love to keep CURA for all my 3D printers and am doing some research. Thank you!
  4. Am I missing something or is there a circular mask on the print bed in this software? This severely restricts the area I can print on. Is this intentional? How do I disable? 3.6.0 did not have this limitation.
  5. Is there a consensus that the cleanliness and clean throughput of a nozzle degrades over time as a result of PLA (or other) filament build up? If so, this must be a relevant pursuit. It would be wonderful if there was a simple solution, or process, to apply to the nozzles to get them cleaned out. Imagine a fresh nozzle each time...
  6. Any leads on this? I can't imagine with all the makers engaging with PLA we haven't come up with a simple way to dissolve this? I feel everyone has that hot swappable Olsson Block nozzle setup by now. Why can't we have a jar of fluid that we put them in to clean them out. I have noticed that the printer performs so, so, so much better with a clean nozzle. Even switching one color of filament builds up deposits that accrue and accrue. Best,
  7. I spoke with Fbrc8 and they were very helpful. Looks like I will be sending it in this Fall after the busy summer printing season! Thank you for all of the help
  8. Hello, I have used the heck out of my Ultimaker 2 for about 3 years now. I have some serious noises happening and I would also like to upgrade to the improved extruder and feeder setup. However, I always end up stripping something or breaking another part, which necessitates another order, and the whole process takes a few weeks. Whereas if there were a place to send it into perhaps there would be some better processing and a quicker turnaround on the refurbish albeit for a price. Any ideas on a place in the USA where I could possibly ship mine to for repair?
  9. Great to know! Thank you for the status report Robert. I feel this would be a handy solution to have - no pun intended. What is the major obstacle? Is the chemistry really difficult or challenging? Or have just not enough experiments been done? It seems like there are plenty of solutions for the ABS side of things - which I understand is a different composition - but it would be very handy to clean out these tips with multiple steps or serious rare/dangerous chemicals.
  10. I have really be excited about the Olsson block. It has allowed much more creative control. I am swapping them out all the time. However, that has led to them getting clogged. How do we dissolve it best? I am talking single solution from Amazon* that everyone can use as a standard? This stuff happens. We need a dialed fix. For instance, take JimC's words: i cleaned my hot end the other day and am kicking myself for not taking a pic of this but i soaked it as usually in my paint stripper bucket. It loosened all the plastic in the nozzle and brass tube as usual but this time I didn't let it
  11. I want to take a moment to congratulate Ultimaker on having the coolest marketing and the slickest aesthetic BUT also for using the absolute cheapest quality parts on their printers. Thanks to the near vapor-gauge wire in the harness the fan power wire had literally just broke halfway through it. Meaning I had the privilege of taking everything apart and soldering it in the middle. Thanks again!
  12. I have noticed my fans, the two side fans, on my UM2 have stopped working after I upgraded to the Olsson block. I of course checked CURA to make sure it should be spinning. I checked the motherboard and everything looks fine underneath, I found that there was only one thing unplugged, a blue and white JST 2 pin plug. Any ideas here? I couldn't find a picture of a correctly assembled one to cross reference. Any ideas?
  13. Sounds like I may build one myself then! I am thinking plywood with straps is a easy way to do it. I am sure there is some travel case out there, that although is not made specifically for the Ultimaker, that may fit it nicely. It would be nice to have something to fly with. Until then, custom we go! Thanks for the foam casing knowledge as well, if they come out with a foam version for something bigger that would be nice.
  14. I travel with my Ultimaker 2 and I would like to do that more safely. Are there any recommended travel cases for the UM2? How about any experience with making one? Something else that might fit? I am looking for something as off the shelf as can be. Maybe somewhere to just get foam casing they are currently delivered in? http://www.fabbike.cc/2015/06/say-hello-to-our-ultimaker-2-go/ Thank you,
  15. Totally the truth! I have recommended this a few times on the merit of dual extrusion and was very disappointed. Whether or not the Ultimaker is the best printer, I will never support, buy, recommend, or tag in social media their products under any circumstances due to this experience. Especially seeing how there are 5 nozzle water cooled variants for nearly the same initial price I paid: http://www.ordsolutions.com/
  16. Well it's really a shame. It's kind of the ENTIRE reason I bought this machine - the dual extrude that is. Why not just use one of the heads off of eBay I listed? Is the oozing really that big of a deal? I just need another nozzle to do some support stuff. PVA maybe?
  17. I have been using a Ultimaker 2 printer for the past 2 years. I really need that dual extrusion feature. After some searching I found a few different approaches to solving this. However, I did not find anything conclusive. I was curious to start a thread on "turn key solutions". Something that someone can source easily, install easily, and be dual printing relatively easy. I see a few online. Some on eBay and others. Not really sure if that's the best path. What about motors, etc? My only conditions are: - Dual Extrusion - Full Kit (No tracking down arcane parts) - Print PLA & HIPS (
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