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  1. You probably can try to view the gcode in CraftWare by CraftUnique. It's free.
  2. Don't mean to rush things. Just curious when the next build will be released.
  3. Can you explain what you mean by "visual color representation"? What is it that CraftWare does better than Cura in this regard? Do you need more contrast? I'm currently working on a (hopefully final) rework, so input is appreciated. Yes, more background contrast would be nice. Current grey on white make it difficult to view, especially custom printer build platform stl files are difficult to view. CraftWare has nice colors for gcode viewing, I'm attaching an image of what it looks like. Cura doesn't have to have same color representations, but something towards what CraftWare does would be great.
  4. Would it be easier to add the function to export Preference profile? It would be nice after finished setting proper preference profile, we can export it.
  5. Looks like there's a bug in the latest Cura build. Shouldn't M190 S50.000000 be on the next line and not right after ";POSTPROCESSED"? See the 3rd line below on the beginning of generated gcode. ;FLAVOR:RepRap ;TIME:6040 ;POSTPROCESSEDM190 S50.000000 M104 S180.000000 M109 S180.000000 ; -- START GCODE --
  6. I have created a simple machine profile for my 3D printer. After going into the preference and machine settings and set up the proper profile, it seems that I can not export a complete machine profile to share with other users with same 3D printers. Is it possible to add the ability in future release to export a complete machine profile? I look forward to future release.
  7. The new UI looks quite nice. Only thing is that the visual color representation makes it very difficult to view. Wish it has better color visual representation in future release. CraftWare has the best color visual representation. You can check it out on their web site https://craftunique.com/craftware.
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