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  1. The two turkeys were not 13 hour prints. They were much shorter. The car was the bigger print, supposed to be around a 3 by 5 size print.
  2. Again I was having trouble inserting a picture into the post, so here is a link to an upload on imgur again. http://m.imgur.com/TNSDCBs In the picture I have the same part printed two times. The first one, on the left, was using settings that I had no issue with before. Obviously these did not work and the print didn't turn out. On the second attempt, on the right, I lowered the temp and slowed the printing of the base layers. The part had no trouble sticking in either print but as you can see it did not turn out correct at the top of the print.
  3. I wasn't able to watch the part print all the way through as it was around a 13 hour print. What I was able to watch was the beginning of the print, which most definitely showed the print sticking to the glass. On any previous print and any print since I haven't had an issue with the print not sticking. However, on some prints the machine seems to stop following the path very closely or it seems to start to over-extrude. I lowered the temp at which the material comes through the print head and this seems to help, but it didn't completely fix the problem. I don't want to lower the temp of the head any more because it is already at the melting point of the plastic.
  4. I uploaded it to imgur, here's the link. http://m.imgur.com/fUEfGdd
  5. This link should work better to be able to see the picture. file:///U:/Ultimaker/Trouble%20Shooting%20Pic.JPG
  6. Possibly try the whole link. I should be able to put the picture up again tomorrow.
  7. blob:https%3A//drive.google.com/eade3e6e-d6d4-472b-9bd0-8f205f03bffc I have been trying to print the zonda print on thingiverse for quite some time now. My ultimaker 2 was stopping the extrusion mid print but that issue seems to have been fixed. The last print I attempted failed completely. It seemed to over extrude and not follow its defined print path. The link above should show the picture I took of the Cura file compared to the print.
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