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  1. Hey, Trying to print a perfect phone case from colorfabb XT CF 20 and corkfill that required minimal post work. Been trying for a while but always the same problem comes up. The printer (UM2) leaves a little dots on the print and it takes a lot of time to remove + it makes the print a lot uglier after removes specially printing with corkfill. For xt materiel tried a lot of combinations: Nozzle: 0.6 mm (e3d hardened) nozzle heat between: 250-260 C Layer: 0.2 mm Speed: 25-50 mm/s Retreaction: on/off (extrusion distance from 6.5 till 15) Fan: always 100% (except first layer) Combing: a
  2. Thank you guys, you helped me a lot as always! @rigs i decided to print xt-cf20 with 0,6 mm hardened nozzle from E3D on my UM2. What settings do you recommend to start my frist print? Layer height, hot end heat, speed, etc. Or is there a page/forum where i can learn a lot about this topic?
  3. What kind of hardened nozzle do you recommend for this job? How about other special filaments like metal, bronze?
  4. Hi everyone, I want to print my own designed iPhone cases from carbon fiber or wood based filaments, but i have never printed with these. The most important thing for me is to be reliable and high quality. I have UM2 with olsson block so i can use 0,6 or 0,8 mm nozzle if it's needed. So i'm asking which companies product should I try that gives me a nice surface?
  5. Thank you guys for the help, gonna remake the model and going to get 0,6 mm nozzle! The link helped to understand what may be wrong. @neotko
  6. The first layers are stick perfectly since i'm using BuildTak, so it's not bending, wrapping. The problem comes after the 5,6th layer where my printer starts to build the side of the phone case.
  7. I trying to print my Articuno (pokemon) iPhone case from Ninjaflex cheetah, but I got some trouble with it. My problem is at the bottom where the side beggins the layers not sticking nice and it makes the whole phone case looks ugly. Check the pictures. First picture Second picture Settings in cura I tried to make the perfect print for about 31 times and been trying to changes a lot of things but still not good. Changes I tried: - The model angle (don't want 90° because it cuts my fingers) - Print head heat between 220c and 240c - Layer height between 0,1 mm and 0,3 mm - Wall thickn
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