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  1. OK, I've loaded the firmware from Cura 2.5 but sliced a model using Cura 3.2.1 and all is good. No oozing blob at the end of the print. Most definitely looks like a firmware issue and NOT a Cura issue
  2. Thanks all for replies. I'll get to it today. However, as it is also doing it on all old gcode files I would rather adapt firmware so it no longer does this than have to edit every existing file manually.
  3. Yes, using 3.2 on Mac, but it is now doing it on gcode files created many many many months ago, pre Cura 3.2
  4. Looking for some help, please. Been using my UM2 for over 2 years with few problems. However, about a month or so ago it has started to have an issue whereby at the end of every print instead of the nozzle simply moving to rear left and platform descending the nozzle will stop at the final print position, ooze material creating a large blob and eventually (after about 20 seconds) break away from the part and park the head and platform normally. It is even doing this on gcode files that were sliced many moons ago and printed many many times with no problems. So both previous and new gcode f
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