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  1. Wegens beeindigen van de hobby biedt ik mijn complete 3D printer met onderdelen aan.Runtime stats, zie foto. De conditie is zeer goed. Vraagprijs €1500,-Bestaande uit:- Ultimaker 2 Extended met Olsson Block upgrade voor verwisselbare nozzles, met heated bed, PMMA front door, en uiteraard in werkende staat- Originele voeding- Diverse nozles van 0.25, 0.4, 0.6, 0.8 mm waarvan sommigen van staal - 3D Solex Block- Diverse tools- Diverse reserve onderdelen zoals, heater, kabelboom, bowden tube, TFM Isolator, etc etc.- Diverse aangebroken spoelen, verschillende materialen en kleuren Color Fabb
  2. I have the same issue, running the latest Cura 3.6.0, and upgraded FW on my UM 2 Extended. My SD card slot seems to be damaged so can write the code on SD and now I can't print via USB as well...😂😂😂 Please help!
  3. Please help me! When homed manually and start printing, everything works fine, after printing the head moves left but not back. When I try to home from the menu the head actually move short steps forward. When pausing and continuing it resumes printing on completely wrong coordinates. How on earth did this happen? Does anyone know how to solve this?
  4. Thank you all, I think the issue is solved however I have a new one... Suddenly the head does not return to home anymore... This is so frustrating! My Printer has only printed less than 400 metres but I have so much trouble with this machine... :angry:
  5. Hin Yoter, Thanks for your reply! My PTFE couples was changed recently and I replace them frequently. I hav't checked it hey but I expect it to be ok. Bowden is ok and manual material feed works ok. I will however clean the feeder just to be sure and I haven't checked it's tension yet, I have to dig in to this. I was already planning to print a spool holder because especially the large spools do not work great on the standard spool holder. But first I need that thing to work again... I've had problems with other filaments as well, the best result I can achieve now is with regular UM PLA
  6. Hi Torgeir, Thanks for your reply, here are my answers to your questions: - I'm Using Colorfabb PLA/PHA - Nozzle temp: standard @ 210 degrees but I went up to 225 and even 230 degrees, achieving slightly better results. -Nozzle temp seems to be have normal during printing, temp only fluctuates 1-2 degrees from setting. - Printspeed was 50 mm/sec (20 mm/sec worked a few times for smaller prints) - Feeder doesn't grind - Only when feeding new material, sometimes the fever slips/kicks just a little but this can't be heard during printing. - I'm using the Olsson block with 0.4 mm nozzle.
  7. Hi there, I keep on having problems with my UM 2 Ex for the last couple of months. I re-calibrated numerous times, switched materials, installed new nozzles, I increased heter temp, etc. etc. I don't know what to to anymore but prints keep on failing. It seems that when printed extremely slow the results get better but not as it should be. Please comment, what can I do and is this under extrusion or something else? I looked online and it seems that the under extrusion issue is hard to fix and increasing flow does not work obviously. Is it possible that the heater is defective?
  8. Thank you, and yes I know them, I've ordered a few eventually but € 8,- postage for 3 nozzles and € 2,- for paypal is not not very inviting...
  9. Where can I get good and affordable nozzles for my Olsson Block. Dutch and Belgian webshops I've found so far are most of the times over priced, have noting in stock (longer or even uncertain delivery times), or they do charge ridiculously high postage costs. I would also order in Germany if the price is right. Anyone?
  10. When will the + upgrade become available for UM2 (EXT) owners? I really want to upgrade to the + version asap. Thanks! Mickael
  11. How can I get this plugin to work in Cura 15.04.4 for mac? The plunging is ignored no matter what I try but I really need to have more and better information about pricing and materials. 3DHubs seems to be off a lot... Best regards, Mickael
  12. I used no fans at all for better fusing of layers and I also disabled retracts because it's best to have a constant flow with this material.
  13. Looks ok so far, surface indicates good layer fusing, no visible layer fractures. (except for the lower left?) But you've got a pretty big thingy going on over there... Luckily this material can be sanded very nice and smooth
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