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  1. Wegens beeindigen van de hobby biedt ik mijn complete 3D printer met onderdelen aan.Runtime stats, zie foto. De conditie is zeer goed. Vraagprijs €1500,-Bestaande uit:- Ultimaker 2 Extended met Olsson Block upgrade voor verwisselbare nozzles, met heated bed, PMMA front door, en uiteraard in werkende staat- Originele voeding- Diverse nozles van 0.25, 0.4, 0.6, 0.8 mm waarvan sommigen van staal - 3D Solex Block- Diverse tools- Diverse reserve onderdelen zoals, heater, kabelboom, bowden tube, TFM Isolator, etc etc.- Diverse aangebroken spoelen, verschillende materialen en kleuren Color Fabb
  2. I have the same issue, running the latest Cura 3.6.0, and upgraded FW on my UM 2 Extended. My SD card slot seems to be damaged so can write the code on SD and now I can't print via USB as well...😂😂😂 Please help!
  3. How can I get this plugin to work in Cura 15.04.4 for mac? The plunging is ignored no matter what I try but I really need to have more and better information about pricing and materials. 3DHubs seems to be off a lot... Best regards, Mickael
  4. I used no fans at all for better fusing of layers and I also disabled retracts because it's best to have a constant flow with this material.
  5. Looks ok so far, surface indicates good layer fusing, no visible layer fractures. (except for the lower left?) But you've got a pretty big thingy going on over there... Luckily this material can be sanded very nice and smooth
  6. Hey looks great! I had the same issue with my nozzle, it looked like it took a tar bath...:(
  7. Hardened steel is the way to go for this material. I bought it as a set including a 0,4mm nozzle from ColorFabb. I'ts not cheap but works for me so far. I don't know if printing with smaller nozzles will be possible with this material. I haven't tested it because i don't have a proper nozzle for this.
  8. I've experimented with this as well but since you need a continuous flow of material for the best result, printing supports gave me a real headache and messes up the nice finish of the material. The smaller pipe does not touch the ground (this may be hard to see in te pictures so I placed it this way to minimize surface damage and printing problems due to supports. And as the fitting of the material had to be perfect and strong inside the bigger tube I thought that this was the best way to go. In my case the print was the end result and had to have a nice finish, a perfect fit and strong. Alth
  9. I also had some succes with the same settings, see:
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