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  1. Hi everyone, I am quite new to the industry and I basically have a question in mind which is bugging me for a few while. Can any one tell me that what is the difference between Minimum Layer Resolution and XYZ Axis Resolution?
  2. Hey guys, Probably this is a very silly question but I can't really figure it out... When I am going to print with Nylon, what material should I select in the machine after loading the filament? There are only 3 materials (ABS, PLA and CPE)... Which one to select? Guys I need your help on this...
  3. As much as I have observed the knurled wheel is coming out of the gear shaft at time of printing. I guess it does not depend upon the settings as because it is happening also when I am trying to print a pre-set file from the SD card provided by Ultimaker. I guess it is just a mechanical issue. Still if you have any more ideas please do provide.
  4. Hi guys, The knurled wheel is just slipping out from the gear shaft when it is loading or unloading a filament. Even when I am going to print a pre - set file from the UM2 SD card, I am facing this issue. And I have figured it out that whether a file has been set at higher retraction or at lower retraction, the knurled wheel is slipping from the gear shaft. This is a problem which I am facing with my Ultimaker 2 for a couple of weeks. I thought that it is an issue of the knurled wheel so I bought a spare. But that did not work out either. I am really in a mess. Can't figure out what can be the main issue. Is it a problem with the gear shaft or is it the grub screw or is it the knurled wheel? Guys, if any one has a clue about this then please help me out.
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