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  1. i think tg is "Glass Transition Temperature" ? I use FormFutura EasyFil ABS and the temperature of this is about 103°C. It worked perfect on my UMO+. I printed a plate around 190*190*10mm with 3dlac on the glass. No warping, everything came out perfect.

    The only mod i did to my umo is the dualfan mod from neotko with the "coupler/top peek cooler" show in this post. When i'm at home i coud post my print temperature if you like.

  2. Hi there,

    currently i'm trying to port the SwapAtZ Plugin to 2.X. Therefore i need an String input filed. So i created, as mentioned in the Doku(Cura Settings Data Model) and the Example Script, an Json Object(a_swap_file) with "type=str"

    def getSettingDataString(self):
           return """{
               "name":"Swap at Z """ + self.version + """",
               "key": "SwapAtZ",
               "metadata": {},
               "version": 2,
                       "label": "Swap File",
                       "description": "Your second G-Code File",
                       "type": "str",
                       "default_value": ""
                       "label": "Swap start",
                       "description": "At what layer should the swap occur",
                       "unit": "layer",
                       "type": "float",
                       "default_value": 1
                       "label": "Swap end",
                       "description": "Select if swap should end(optional)",
                       "type": "bool",
                       "default_value": false
                       "label": "Swap end(optional)",
                       "description": "At what layer should the swap end (optional)",
                       "unit": "layer",
                       "type": "float",
                       "default_value": 0,
                       "enabled": "b1_Tweak_swap_end"

    But the Only input this filed(a_swap_file) takes is numeric. Or ain't it possible to enter a string value in the post processing section?

    The other question is do i have access to the actual printing settings and is it possible to call the slicing engine on the fly? Do i have access to a slicing engine object at this point? The Goal is to avoid uising a pre generated gcode file and slice the object with different settings on the fly and merge the needed layers together.

    Is there a Doku?

    Greetings Sputnick

  3. image.thumb.jpeg.a675705597934b08f7580982607cd158.jpeg

    Goes on the back of the hotend. I didn't published because it can hit the belt on the far y position and I never get time to finish it. But it's as easy as bolean the think a 1mm. I'll post a photo of the connector on the board so you see where goes positive and negative.


    @neotko do you have the same problem if you put it to the front? or is it hitting the edges?

    @Titus Good Job! :)

  4. Do you think this one(Sunon MC25100V2-A99; 5v, 85mA) will work? Maybe i'll add this too. Or do you think its better to not.

    Do you add this from the back or from the front?

    I think the Port is the "Fan 5V" labeled one and is it always on? Or do i have to change to custom firmware to get his work?

    I already prepared the new firmware because meanwhile i installed the UM2 LED's too :) But no time and no laptop at the moment to flash the printer. But this is already listed on the weekends ToDoList :D .

  5. After a couple of time finaly :D


    At the moment i have some troubles with cloging between the teflon and the boden. It seems that the boden is not complety in the teflon ... but i have to check again where the exact probleme is.

    That leads me to the question what is this part for? Coupler cooling? Another Fan to add?


    It's only in the "ready to print" file and never described. Or did i missed it?

    Maybe i should add some information aboute the parts used:

    Fans: EBM Papst 414 (Running from 60% - 100%)

    Filament: FormFutura CarbonFill



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  6. Hey neotko

    thanks i flashed it but still nothing.

    I connected the extruder steppers to the Z-Motor Port and both worked fine.

    I connected the Z-Motor to the EX1/2 Port nothing.

    maybe the new board is broken?

    Greetings Sputnick

    Edit: I try to move the Steppers via Ulticontroller -> Prepare -> MoveAxis ...

  7. Hi there,

    i just assembled my new UMO+. But the Stepper at the Extruder isn't working. I have a Bondtech which i connected too but it either won't work. Is it possible to change the port from E1 to E2 in the firmware to see if it's the driver?

    Any other suggestions?




    So if you make TFM UMO/UMO+ Couplers:

    - Happy users

    - Users stop buying at china clones

    - You show you keep giving love to the original machines

    - Ultimaker makes revenue.

    - Happy dance :)


    Yes please!

    @SandervG, maybe your next posts title could be "sharing some exciting news about the UMO and UMO+" ! ;)



    Yes!  Let's see some tweaks for the UMO please!


    would be great!

    or is it discontinued?

  9. Hallo,

    ich hätte generell Interesse. Leider funktioniert das bei mir grade mit der PM nicht warum auch immer ...

    Würdest du mir den Standort, deine Preisvorstellungen ,die Druckstunden und was du überholt hast per PM schicken?

    Wäre super.



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