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  1. I've been testing a model in Cura just to see how long it will take to print and how much filament. I have been having a weird issue though. When I have rafts enabled, the top layer(s) doesn't show up in layer view. With raft disabled, everything looks peachy. I haven't had a chance to try printing the model yet. Is this just a weird visual bug/glitch? See pics below UPDATE: I tried printing the file with the raft and it printed just fine. As far as I can see, it's just a visual bug. Printed with Hatchbox Wood filament
  2. Thanks for the response. For my M3D I'm using the example profile that you linked. For the Airwolf, I set Cura up per their instructions in the user manual. I loaded the ABS profile from the Airwolf USB drive and the only things I changed were certain parameters (fill, shells, etc.). I didn't change anything about the Start/End G-code. My workaround so far has been to print everything with a raft or brim so the printer is laying down filament by the time it gets to the actual part. I'll paste the G-code start below: M190 S115.000000 M109 S240.000000 ;Sliced at: Mon 07-12-2015 16:49:52
  3. I have a 3d printer at home (M3D) and we just got an Airwolf HD2x where I work. I use Cura for slicing and gcode creation in both cases, 15.04 for my printer and 15.04.3 for our work printer. My question is, why do my parts perform a gradual approach when a print starts? What I mean is, the print head will start along the path of the first bead but it will take anywhere from a few mm of travel to a few inches of travel before the print head is close enough to the surface to start laying down filament. So basically, my prints have a line of missing material. Is there a setting in Cura that
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