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  1. Hi,

    I found a useful video on the youtube. Simultaneously with this video, it may be helpful to repeat the steps.

    If ıt does not solve this problem. I have a simple solution. Choose platform adhesion type raft. This is a quick solution.

  2. Hi,

    First you see this video and calibrate the platform.

    And look heated bed setting,

    PLA Heatedbed=60 Degree

    ABS Heatedbed= 80-100 Degree

    The machine is on the balcony, under the air conditioner, and in front of from the door and window, take him away.

    And I think you should use glue. (This glue UHU Glue Stick. Dont try faber castell, and pritt(it does not work).

    And try this G-Code


  3. Hi,

    I didn't understand your entire message, or more precisely your train of thought (why is 14.09 not right for Ultimaker 2 Extended?)

    Good luck!






    heater error

    14.09                - does not have the feature

    14.12   oct 16, 2014 - feature introduced 20C in 20 Seconds

    14.12.1 dec 15, 2014 - from 20C to 10C (still in 20 seconds)

    15.01   jan 14, 2015 - from 20 secs to 30 secs (now 10C in 30 seconds)




    Anyway, if you have an Olsson Block and it triggers temp errors i could be that either you broke your PT100 or cartridge heater, or your heaterblock is touching your fanshroud.


    My customer bought a new PT100b and heater cartridge. I did the installation. and dont touching fan bracket.

    Today I make another checks and tests.

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