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  1. That's pretty brave of you. They haven't even posted a real video of it printing, and all the stock images were laser cut models, not prints. Furthermore, the resin is highly toxic, so all the handling shown in the video is misleading. Finally, there's a strong chance this resin, since it's "daylight sensitive", will completely destroy itself if exposed to even moderate sunlight. For anyone else: don't ever buy a Kickstarter printer these days, especially without seeing it actually print. There's been so many failed projects on Kickstarter that backing something so sketchy as this is ... well ... not a great idea.
  2. Thanks again, I've tried the new power settings and the failed print did not fail this time, and I do not hear the clicking I couldn't narrow down before. So for the time being, I believe the problem is fixed!
  3. Yeah I mentioned it's a UM2 in the topic, but didn't in the post. I will try lowering the power. I'm familiar with Mxxx codes (I also have a Printrbot Simple Metal, an M500 + M501 is practically a daily operation for using it!), so I'll do that. I wasn't keeping track, but from memory, it would make sense that it is overheating. The prints I recall them failing on were fairly long (3+ hour) prints. There was also a bit of clicking, which initially I associated with the extruder, but never made much sense since the print wouldn't have issues. Might have been the z-stepper losing power for a brief moment! BTW, M500 = save, M501 = recall saved settings (to confirm they saved correctly).
  4. For a reason I can't determine, this has happened a couple times already. I come to check in on a print, and the print is perfect up to a point, at which point it's spaghetti, and the buildplate is WAY lower (like sometimes nearly a centimeter) than it's supposed to be. I have no idea what's causing it. I've checked the g-code thoroughly in multiple viewers and the slicer itself (Simplify3D) and there doesn't seem to be any such issue in the g-code. I am printing from SD card, by the way. The printer's only about a week old, so I am really hoping it's not something hardware related. Edit: it's a plain UM2 by the way.
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