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  1. hi Is it possible to change the layer height at a specifik Z height? Say you have a large print, where you want the first 10 cm to be with a layer height of 0.15mm /0.2mm and the for the res of the print want 0.1mm layer height.. Is that possible?
  2. Is that a change from 15.04.3 to 15.04.4 ? I does not say anything about that in the release notes.. Will update Cura and se if that makes a difference..
  3. Are you saying it might be my system, and not Cura that makes the error? Or that this is a new error to you? I have only ever seen this error when using cura..
  4. Hi When I'm trying to print several parts on the same plate, I often get this error message What does it mean and how do I get rid of the problem that is casing it? It seems to only happen when I'm looking at the toolpath.. The settings for the print seems not to have any influence on when I get this error.
  5. Is that the only option? there is no way do define a surface to be parallel to the printbed? such as in CatalystEX?
  6. Hi I have a wheel where the axle and front face of the wheel is NOT perpendicular. This means that when slicing the wheel "standing" on the axle, then the layers that makes up the wheel, is not symmetrical, Though the wheel is. I care little for the axle, but want symmetrical print layers in the actual wheel, so is there a way i Cura to define a surface to be parallel to the printbed, and up? The picture is what I don't want. The .stl ...Link to file
  7. This happens from time to time. it mostly happens on the first layer after some infill. Is this under extrusion? if so, what can I do to helt it? if not, what is it then? The outher (and inner) surface looks good, there are no string, no deposits from oozing, I don't think there are any problems other than this, and it bothers me. I had one time where the printer was printing in the air, this was due to a knot on the filament, but can this still course problems? because of the knot, the drive wheel was dirty, so I cleaned it, thus there should be no problem there. The printer have (only) been running for a week, if that have anything to say..
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