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  1. I have had issues trying to print with the .25mm from the Olson Block. Details are bad. You reccon slowing down and reducing temperature would help.
  2. The 4 screws on the UM2 that holds the fan in place. Really bad design. Rest of the machine is great so far
  3. My Olsson block is installed, but it seems like now my nozzle connection is touching the fan casing. I have tried multiple things to get it to clear, but there seems to be no room for adjustment. The four fan screws are in just enough, and still the nozzle is touching fan casing. Tried tightening and loosening the nozzle screw itself with no luck. Any ideas. Thanks
  4. You guys really need to re-design how the screws install the fan in place. I have been fighting these damn screws forever to get the four in. Worst design ever.
  5. I have attached a picture of the starting print. Its a flight for a dart. Just seems to be having issues printing small things. The flights of this dart do have a small wall thickness. Any ideas on how to improve this. We have had the Ultimaker 2 for a couple weeks now and have had good success printing larger objects. Thanks
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