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  1. It is...we are at least a few who are using this extruder on our Ultimakers and it works great :) The main reason why the discussion stopped is that the creator is, sadly, no longer alive :(
  2. I would stay away from GreenTec/PlaTec for mechanical parts that are subject to force in any way (based on my own experience). It has very good resistance to heat, but that material gives in (softens) after a while. How long depends on the amount of force it is subjected to.
  3. I did not say that it doesn't work...but given the aggressive way Apple tends to remove deprecated stuff means that the days are numbered for using OpenGL on MacOS.
  4. Do you have a plan, after fixing this slow performance on current MacOS versions, for how to handle the fact that OpenGL is deprecated in MacOS Mojave?
  5. I think it is something with Mojave and Cura that has made the app more or less unusable, and not only Cura. I use both Cura and S3D on an MBA that only has Intel Graphics and in the past (as in pre-Mojave) zooming etc. was ok...but now both of them are soo slooow that I hardly want to look at the sliced model 😞 Everything else works ok...and even Fusion360 still works just as fine as it did pre-Mojave. For Nvidia cards Mojave is the beginning of the end with Apple, sadly, as they have more or less dropped support for those cards and users are reporting performance issues with Moja
  6. If you print the rotated top there is no need to reposition the switches. Ofc that works too, but imo it is easier to replace the plastic top. Get the UMO(+) firmware from @amedee, configure the options you want on the website and it will build a new custom firmware for you: https://bultimaker.bulles.eu/ As for slide blocks, I can recommend these: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2353849 They allow you to utilize a bit more build volume, and you can easily adjust the belt tension.
  7. Yes, the tool is also on github, so you can download it and run it on your own computer. You need Arduino and a webserver, and the Bultimaker tool. https://github.com/AmedeeBulle/Bultimaker Once you have that setup you can modify whatever you want in the firmware code and compile it using that tool. Just make sure that the firmware source is his fork of Marlin/Ultimaker.
  8. That firmware is a fork and major improvment to the UMO+ firmware...and is what, afaik, everyone that tinkers with their UMO(+) printers are using. You can easily build it with the webtool he put online at https://bultimaker.bulles.eu/ If you are modding the firmware you could download that tool and run it locally to compile the firmware...and if you make a new (awesome) change to the firmware send him a pull request 🙂
  9. Interresting mod...but the place where the special parts is found is all Chinese...so trying to order it is like playing lottery 😞
  10. Even 3.4 is sloow on a Mac if you are used to the speed of S3D...the UI is decent...but could be alot better...slicing though...that takes forever. Using Cura makes the coffe machine work hard as there is a lot of waiting involved ?
  11. It's a hit-or-miss game buying parts from China...you may get lucky and it is of decent (still not excellent) quality...but most of the time you will find that the quality is crap. A quick search here will reveal many posts where you can see how bad they actually are. My 2 cent advise is to either buy the official parts as @ultiarjan suggested...or look on eBay et.al. for people selling of parts when they have upgraded their UM2 to UM2+ (that is how I got hold of two printheads in used, but very good condition).
  12. Building an UM2 Extended clone vs. an UMO+ clone is no difference. Personally I would ditch the UM boards and use a Duet3D, or some other modern board. But if you look around there is a clone-v2.1.5 version of the UM2 board with removable steppers available. But given that it is a clone I would not buy it...it's a hit-or-miss kind of chance not worth taking imo. That said, using a different board means no more UM firmware...so it will no longer be a 1-1 clone. If you want to keep the UMO board and change stepper you can also build an UMO Extended...just make the side pa
  13. Ok, found it, installed it, had to figure out where it was supposed to be, until I discovered that I need to go looking for hidden settings...and there are lots of them...oh my...but at least I have, finally, easy access to that setting... Still curious as to why everyone, especially the developers, strongly says that changing nozzle size is not needed and that changing line width is the same thing...
  14. This is utterly confusing... Why, if nozzle size is irrelevant, did you put it as a configurable setting in the machine settings? And, if nozzle size is irrelevant, how would you tell Cura to over-/under-extrude using a specific nozzle size? (Say I want to print with line width 0.3 using a 0.4 nozzle vs. printing with one width 0.3 using a 0.3 nozzle?
  15. This is a post to let you know that @gudo, the man who created some truly awesome mods for our Ultimaker's, has sadly passed away ? I didn't know him that well, but I wrote a few words over in another forum. R.I.P. @gudo!
  16. I agree. The lack of heated bed, and the fact that it never got a ‘+’ upgrade like it’s bigger siblings, probably made it less interesting than it could have been.
  17. I think the Go was (is) a printer that you had to see/try before you understood the value it provided ? Too bad it was never upgraded like the other 2’s. Those ‘+’ upgrades would have made it a superb printer.
  18. Everyone seems to want bigger, as in huge, printers these days so maybe it did not sell that well to justify keeping it as a product. Ultimaker also never updated it like they did with it's bigger brother (2+) so i'm not sure how much they really cared for it.
  19. Being "forced" to use Edge (Windows 10 + Edge) as my browser sometimes I have noticed recenly that when I have clicked on a notification and opened it in a new tab...when I switch to that tab scrolling no longer works. The page is "frozen"...neither the scroll wheel, the scroll list or page down/up works. Reloading does not help. But if I alter the URL and remove the "#comment-XYZ" and load the page scrolling works again. Not sure if it is this computer that is acting up...or the browser. But the fact is that it happens only on this forum...no other site I visit exhibits the same w
  20. @SandervG This is the biggest downside to the new forum... Once you have clicked on the notification icon...all notifications are "marked as read" when you go back to that menu. Yes, they are still there...but you can't see which ones you haven't read.
  21. There are people using both E3Dv6 and UM2 print heads on UMO(+), me included (using an UM2 head on an UMO+). For the UMO it takes a bit more since the motherboard is not the same as on the UM2. But it is still doable. Here is some useful info if you want to take the UM2 route: I haven't used the E3Dv6 myself but one drawback seems to be that you can have issues printing PLA since it is an all-metal hotend. On the other hand, it allows you to use materials that requires high temps without worrying about a coupler that might be damaged.
  22. Building custom firmware for UMO(+) is dead simple...use @amedee's online builder...it covers most cases. It also contains a lot more features than the stock firmware. https://bultimaker.bulles.eu/
  23. All I saw was the extruder moving...and switching tools...not printing...moving it fast is not a big problem...printing fast...as in laying down plastics...without visual artifacts is a problem...and there is nothing about that in this video.
  24. I haven't thought much about it...but if I follow a notification link now it seems to work fine The pagination issue is more that you can't use pagination at all because it will scroll further than what the available screen area is...so you are forced to use arrows or the mouse...which is not as simple as pagination.
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