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  1. Next question...just for fun I loaded a triangle from a BB-8 project in both 2.1 and 15.04 and boy does the 2.1 version add a LOT of support. And I can't really see the need for all that support... The settings in both Cura versions are the same: - Support touching build plate - Brim enabled Why does the new Cura add so much support? And why does it add one of the supports only on the right side? If it decides that it is really a need for support there...why is it not needed on the left side?
  2. hi In plateform adhesion section, select skirt. Skirt means that the head print a line around the object you want to print. It does not affect plateform adhesion at all. It is like having no plateform adhesion. Ok, thanks Not so obvious though.
  3. How do you turn off Brim? In v15.X you could just set it to "None". But in 2.1 there is no such option.
  4. You can find some of the information in Ultimaker's GitHub. Here is a link to the PDF where you can see the dimensions at least: https://github.com/Ultimaker/Ultimaker2/blob/master/1182_X%2CY_Motor_(x2)/B1182-B2P-A.pdf But it doesn't show any electrical details, or what brand/model they actually used. You could also check this clone...it probably uses a stepper with similar characteristics as the original one: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:811271 He seems to use this one: http://www.robotdigg.com/product/7/NEMA17-Stepper-Motor-40mm-Long,-1.2A
  5. I remember reading about a not-yet-ready kit from a 3rd party a few months ago. But I didn't save the link and can't find it in this forum by searching...could it have been that one? I don't think there were too many details about it on their website, only that it would be coming.
  6. Unless your model finishes slicing fast, it will be hard at work doing slicing while you continue to modify settings. Not everyone has as top-of-the-line computer that slices models in no time. I was playing with a model yesterday and after I finished touching settings it took at least one minute for slicing to finish (didn't time it with a clock). And that model was not that complicated. And I never argued against that. I, and several others, are only arguing that it should be an option to disable auto-slicing. It's not like there are no settings in Cura so adding one would bloat it. He
  7. Recently, when posting to a thread, possibly triggered by previewing, I get the "do you want to leave this page" dialog as if I was leaving the page and might loose my changes. Yet the comment is posted successfully. This did not happen before.
  8. Seriously, why do you have such a hard time understanding that auto-slicing is not something that works for everyone? The only argument I have seen from you is "it works fine for me". Every other argument I have seen from users saying that they want to be able to disable it is something I have faced too. As soon as you do anything more than "load stil" -> "save/print" it's a big hassle. Today I was playing with some small objects in Cura and there were times when the UI did not respond immediately to my actions. It can't be rocket science implementing a setting to disable auto-slicing and
  9. True, I didn't notice that...because it goes away after a few seconds...so unless you stare at the screen all the time you will probably miss that warning.
  10. Yeah, it's a very very lazy algorithm. The slicing blocking has nothing to do with the positioning, but with windows being freakishly annoying about some things. I thought I fixed that issue (which our testing team confirmed) but somehow it did sneak itself into the beta again. Sigh. It is completely different in 15.04 compared to 2.1. In 15.04 it places all the object "front-to-back" and they fit in the print area. But in 2.1 they are placed in "left-to-right" and one object is outside the print area.
  11. Yeah, that is the default in Old cura, so that's why we kept it. It should display a message when the auto scale happens though. Nope, I did not see any message warning me that the model was scaled. Otherwise I would not have mentioned it as an issue. Why? Because auto-slicing means that every change you make immediately triggers a slice. Which is time, and resource, waste. Old Cura did the same actually (auto enabling the feature and notifying you of the fact). Again, I was not alerted about this. I just noticed it when I went into settings that it was enabled.
  12. Another issue. If you have "one at a time" enabled and drop multiple objects on Cura it can/will position objects outside of the build area, even if the objects will fit. It looks like it is just trying a lazy way of placing them all in one line, and that will not work. And then it just "gives up". And if you try to reposition the objects manually so that they fit...Cura will no longer slice the objects. So far this is only tested on Win7 64-bit.
  13. Here are my first impressions on this open beta. Auto-slicing...:( For the love of god, please, please, make it an option to manually trigger slicing. Cura, by default, without asking for consent, is sending information back to home ("Send (anonymous) print information"). Even if it is "anonymous" you should ask for the users consent before enabling this... Having "Scale large files" enabled by default is imo not a good choice...but that is probably the way it has always been...and just me. But it gives the user a false impression that a file fits on the printer...only to discover when t
  14. Depends on which version of Cura you are using. The current stable version (v15.X.Y) wants the plugins here (probably, as I never tested it): ~/Library/Application\ Support/Cura/15.X.Y/plugins/ But the current v2.1 open beta wants the plugins here...but hopefully that location will change: ~/.cura/plugins/
  15. No worries. Although it would be sad if you didn't fix this for the final v2.1. It will only confuse your users. But then, I don't work for Ultimaker Support That seems to be the way the stable version already works. It puts a "15.X.Y" folder in the "Cura" settings folder. So it is not a new "feature"
  16. So you didn't move this back to the proper location for Mac software in time for the open beta? The current stable version of Cura uses the proper location.
  17. Unless you specifically need Misumi brand/quality... I haven't checked how much shipping would cost...but Motedis seems to be reasonably priced. And you can have the extrusion cut to specific lengths. Not sure if they have a specific site for Denmark, but they do for Sweden. I think they are based in Germany. http://www.motedis.com/shop/ A slightly different, and probably overkill for this case, extrusion are the V-Slot extrusions. They are available in Europe also through http://www.ratrig.com Again, I haven't compared these prices against the ones above that you refer to. So this might s
  18. If you look at a users profile and check their activity the "latest activity" does not show the correct items. If you change to "show all" you will see different items as the "latest" items.
  19. If the advertised tolerance was publicly stated as +-0.05 mm it would perhaps be kind of okayish (but Ultimaker never state any tolerances). But still, you are saying that >10% tolerance is acceptable for a 0.4 nozzle that Ultimaker are selling...for a printer that prides itself on giving high quality prints? If that's true then I don't know what to say. Ultimaker is not "a chinese seller" so I would expect better accuracy for the price we pay. If I go to ebay/aliexpress then, sure, I could see that the tolerances could be crap. Usually they are...but sometimes you are positively surprised
  20. Another issue...possibly the same as the "ghost notifications"...but i'm not acting on any notifications...sometimes when I return to the forum and I click on the links to read new replies to threads, some of the threads have no new posts since I opened them the last time. And every time I have visited the forum I end with marking the whole forum as read.
  21. Normally, on OS X, it should be in "~/Library/Application Support//". But for the new beta it is not there. But v15.04.3 has created a folder there ("~/Library/Application Support/Cura/15.04.3/"), but it contains no plugin folder. So I hope they will consider creating a folder there for the new beta also. Anyway, after som digging I found a hidden cura folder in the home directory ("~/.cura/"). And if you manually create a "plugins" folder there and then clone this plugin into that folder it will be detected by Cura.
  22. Today I was logged out on one of my laptops. I think it's been ~1 week or so since I logged in, and ticked the "keep me logged in" checkbox.
  23. For me i'd say it happens less than 10% of the time, maybe even less than 5% of the times. And I rarely click on anything in my notification list.
  24. Nope, i'm just clicking the link in the list of posts. Just as I do on all forums I visits.
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