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  1. @SandervG Spoke too soon...if you browse a thread with multiple pages and you click on the number for the next page...the top of the first post is still hidden.
  2. With this file, shortly after starting the second layer, the print head stops for a second, the LCD shows "Sleep...", and then it continues to print. On another file it happened immediately after the start gcode. I'm always printing from SD-Card, never through USB. File_with_stutter.gcode
  3. Doesn't look like they improved much in v4.0.1...pretty much any print will overload my UMO+ now...with v3.1 it never happened. Yet I haven't made any crucial changes to my settings.
  4. Unfortunately, the new "top menu" now behaves just as badly as the old forum when you click on links in the forum, or when scrolling. The menu now covers the top of the content you clicked to follow. So now you have to manually scroll back to see it, or you might think that what you now see is what you were supposed to see...i.e. bad web design :(
  5. Sadly, the new format where you have to supply only photos and the source file will make me stop posting stuff there. I have usually done this from another device than the computer where I have my source files. So the only thing I can use this new upload print "feature" is to post photos...which makes little sense (imo). I put my source files at Youmagine/Thingiverse and want to link to them...not upload yet another copy in this forum. https://community.ultimaker.com/topic/20613-ultimaker-forum-feedback/?do=findComment&comment=194764
  6. That and cost...you could buy a Chinese clone frame also, but who knows what quality you receive.
  7. Is it just me or has the UI for uploading to the 3D prints changed? In the previous incarnation you could just link to youmagine/thingiverse, but now it request you to add a file...and if you add a photo...it then asks you to add...a photo... This interface makes me confused and for that reason I have not added any print(s), although I would have liked to do so.
  8. That warning only came the first time. I'm home safe now without updating my OS Once I had done the necessary, non-obvious, steps to continue to the site, the site "fingerprint" was added to my Mac. But doing so, afaik, means that you trust that the site in question is who it says it is, as this potentially leaves you open to man-in-the-middle attacks.
  9. When you scroll down the page the controls for reaching the notifications are removed from the screen, but the rest of the top "menu" becomes "sticky". This, imo, makes navigating the forum a PITA when you are trying to catch up on your notifications...in addition to the other issue mentioned earlier where it is impossible to understand which notifications you have/have not read. This is how it looks like when you are at the top of the page: But as soon as you scroll down it changes into this: There is plenty of room besides the search field.
  10. Ah, so that is where the preview button is I was looking for it too since it usually is next to the post button.
  11. Looks like there is not much spam control in this new forum. There are two posts like this posted by the same user, that only has those two posts, in "Official news" not long ago:
  12. Found it...but it is not on a per post setting. It's in the "Notification settings"...at the bottom of that dialogue. I just ticked the "Only send one email..." now, so it will be interesting to see what happens
  13. Not the same, I like being notified when someone posts something. But not for every change Having it once a day is, to me, the same as disabling email notifications totally and only relying on the notification icon once I visit here. But it's a minor thingy...in your previous forum I never received any emails. Btw, that setting...I take it as it refers to email notifications only? Not also the notification icon? The wording is vague.
  14. I just checked the notification settings since I became "bombarded" with emails (not really, but for a few threads that are active now I get an email for every, yes every, post). I noticed that there is no "A notification email when new content is added since your last visit". These are the only options that exists: Is there no way to get a notification when new content is added...but not for every post...only once, until you visit the forum again? Most forums where I participate has such a setting
  15. I have El Capitan 10.11.6 and Safari 11.02. Not a major issue for me, and once you accept the new certificate it is all ok.
  16. No, sorry, I didn't take a screenshot, and once I clicked through it you have accepted it, and your computer stores the a key/fingerprint, it will not show up again. But the warning is "this connection is not private"
  17. I have, afaik can remember, never touched email notifications. I sure did not receive any from the previous UM forum. But as soon as this one went live, my mailbox started filling with email notifications...
  18. Yay, a new beginning Unfortunately the forum throws a big fat security warning in Safari on Mac...and unless you click on some non-obvious links you can't get in. Using Chrome you can access the forum directly. Oh, and i've been "spammed" with notifications from subscribed posts this afternoon. In the old forum, notifications didn't work...or maybe I tuned them of a long time ago... But in this forum it seem that the default is to send an email notification for every new post...not just for the first new post until you have visited again. Granted, I haven
  19. @sandervg What will happen to bookmarks etc. that we (may) have collected in this forum? Will they be migrated or lost?
  20. Not surprised after reading up on how these work...and that they mainly exist to fix a flaw in the DRV8825. For the driver in Ultimaker printers, IMO, shorting the resistor, as described in this forum, is the way to go...or we live with this issue. Or one buys a better board with modern drivers...but then...the price goes up...and it ain't much of an Ultimaker left
  21. I saw bold type up there. Interesting...it doesn't show up in my browser (Chrome)...but if I view it in IE I can see it. But even when I went to edit the post...all the bold markup tags were gone...that's why I assumed that the forum took it away...
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