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  1. Sigh, maybe that is working for you...for me it would be a disaster...and result in exactly what I mentioned above...and something I have never had to do in any other forum to keep track of what's new that I have not yet found interesting...just logging in should be, and was, good enough to keep track of what you had looked at. It makes me sad that, for the past months, the majority of posts I have written here has been to highlight the disastrous state of this forum. Sadly I hardly saw the old forum...that was working...since that was around the time I bought my UMO+. I probably wrote thi
  2. ??? The forum top-level…the entry to the forum…aka. http://ultimaker.com/en/community/ But I can understand why you don't know how it looks like...it has been broken for several months Well, a ”regular” user does not get a notification for every single post…and if that was the case, it would be one awful feature… I have given up on keeping an eye open for new interesting stuff in this forum since this summer. Which is a pity, as I like my ultimaker, and I like reading and commenting on interesting stuff. But Ultimaker has pretty much killed all creativity with this forum and it’s t
  3. Not the thing itself...but the comments... https://www.youmagine.com/designs/mini-speed-test (Btw, "thanks" to the forum it was a PITA to find this post...)
  4. These are artifacts from the screen rendering because the screen cannot show all the details of the layers, and not a Cura specific thing.
  5. Version 1.0


    Needed a custom mount for the IKEA Östanå lamp. Couldn't find one so I created one in Fusion 360. The two gaskets from the original mount can be used with this mount.
  6. The "next best" option is actually the "best" option...the ZGE...that will cost less than a Bondtech (unless you count your own print time) If cost is crucial you could also go for this part...adding a gearbox to the existing UM2 feeder, or the iRoberti feeder: https://www.youmagine.com/designs/belt-geared-um2-feeder-upgrade That should give you the advantage of the UM2+ feeder while still keeping the cost...and tinkering down to a minimum.
  7. The problem with this is that you can still not navigate...you need to go to the top-level...and that is when the forum fails to load...yes it fails...it does not take long time...it used to...but since a few weeks ago it fails.
  8. True, but the gears from Bondtech are the best you can find. And they are what makes up the bulk of the additional cost. Tried to find out what they use in Bulldog XL but it was not obvious, nor showing in any images what gear(s) they use (without spending a lot of time finding out). They may be good, or maybe not. Others can chime in on that. But from what I can see it costs roughly $150 (I did not check if there are cheap Chinese clones available), and that is the same ballpark as Bondtech... There are people that are happy with the original UM2 one with printed addons from members in th
  9. And if you do not mind a bit of tinkering, the ZGE solution is the best you can find...imo I installed that on my UMO+ using Bondtech's planetary stepper and it just works...whatever material I feed it with...it just works...no matter how many retractions you have in your prints...and you have full access to the feeder from the top of the printer...gone are the days when you needed access to the back of the printer to load filament. But if you do not have a need to print a lot of flexible stuff, I second that Bondtech extruder is the way to go. Them drive gears are pure genious. There is
  10. I highly recommend @amedee 's firmware for the UMO(+). By selecting the printer you have you get working defaults and improved/additional functionality for free. And it allows for additional tinkering without the need to know how to compile firmware
  11. Unfortunately that drop-down menu is useless...99% of the time the "popup" vanishes when you move the mouse pointer down...making it impossible to select anything...yet another catch22... Ya, this has been iritating me for a long time. The function of the top menu bar is not intiutive. Mouse over and pause, submenus pop up only to disappear when attempting to select. Most of the time. Several attempts result in being allowed to select sub menus. Found out that you need to move the cursor fast to be able to use the submenu. This part should see a makeover too when you change the
  12. So, on the one hand you complain there's a bug, and on the other you complain it was fixed in a new version? I think you are missing the point here @ahoeben ...no one is complaining that a bug was fixed (you do a very good job with that, and implementing new features). The problem, that Ultimaker have created with Cura [23].x, is that you release new versions so often, that there is no longer any "stable" version that one can feel confident that it "just works" (with the set of features it has). When a bug is fixed, it usually comes with a set of new features, and some other thing is bro
  13. Unfortunately that drop-down menu is useless...99% of the time the "popup" vanishes when you move the mouse pointer down...making it impossible to select anything...yet another catch22...
  14. If I follow a link into the forum from the outside I could get in. But if I go here directly i'm locked out...that has almost never happened before...but now it is failing 100% Seriously @sandervg, this forum is a disaster (sorry but it's true) :(
  15. Version 1.0


    Printed in Extrudr Greentec on a modded UMO+. The model was scaled down to 70% to fit on our doors. Slightly sanded and painted with matte clear coating.
  16. Well, a curved face like that will always have steps since the printer lays out layers on top of each other. And since it is a dome it will not help to rotate it either. You will still have that stepping in the direction the layers are printed. The only thing you can do to improve the looks of the stepping is to lower the layer height to the lowest that your printer supports.
  17. No, I was just saying that with Bondtech gears you have a higher success rate in feeding the filament without grinding or slipping the filament since those gears do not need to "squish" the filament to grip it.
  18. You can always go direct drive...and never look back at the old bowden days...nothing beats the gudoZGE https://ultimaker.com/en/community/35608-zero-gravity-direct-drive-extruder
  19. Exactly, if you use a well respected 3rd party forum software you can be quite sure that they have covered most of the testing of basic functionality and abuse...and you can focus on customization, integration and use...instead of having to fight to keep in-house software floating
  20. Thanks for the honest update @sandervg. I think Ultimaker will see an uptake in forum usage again (and i'm not counting threads asking for help) if you successfully migrate to a forum that works again
  21. Just tried this beta and it still loads slow...10 times slower than Simplify3D. And the layer view makes my eyes hurt when I try to make some sense of what it is trying to show :( This is on a computer using Intel Graphics it is unusable...hopefully it displays better on a gaming card.
  22. Or you can turn to your local Ultimaker reseller as I think they have switched to Misumi bearings now. At least the Swedish reseller gave me Misumi linear bearings as replacements for the Z-axis when I told them that the ones delivered with my printer were crap.
  23. Version 1.0


    Printed in Extrudr GreenTec on my "GudoMaker" (heavily modded UMO+). No painting, only matte clear coating after some light sanding.
  24. I don't know exactly when they switched over...probably at that point...because I don't think I visited the "old" forum...or maybe just for a short time...but I know most of the issues I have reported surfaced around the beginning of 2017...9 months and no action what so ever :(
  25. That is certainly an understatement...some things have been broken since the dawn of 2017... Since the forum was introduced you mean That's another way of framing it
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