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  1. That's why we are all complaining ;)

    Some issues are almost a year old and still going strong... :angry:

    I only visit here now because some of the interesting stuff is still posted here...but it is not with yoy...and it is easy to miss things since even such a basic thing as forum navigation is broken :(

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  2. A full alu frame could work but imo without some panels to close ‘the box’ the rigidity changes a lot.

    without panels or additional cross reinfort tubes, despite a very tight corner junctions, with time  any extruded aluminium structures would move as a 3D deformable trapezoid ! ;)

    I totally understand that...but making a frame with alu-extrusion and then making some plates, or crossings, to stiffen it up is far easier to do than creating a frame when you don't have a CNC :)

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  3. Wrote a long reply to a thread this weekend only to discover later that the forum trashed my post without throwing any kind of error. And I didn't feel like trying to reply all over again.

    How about returning to a forum software with a proven track-record? It's not as if there isn't any good alternatives available... Surely by now you must have realized that this forum is a disaster? Nothing you have done in the past year to, as you say improve things, has been an improvment :( Not even faults with clear descriptions of what is not working is reacted upon :angry:

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  4. There is a big difference with Bondtech vs. the stock feeder on the UM2+ even though others have not said so. The stock feeder "squeezes" the filament since it only has one gear...while Bondtech will gently move the filament since it has dual gears that will have a good grip on the filament without "squeezing" it.

    Just take a look at the Bondtech drive gears and then look at the stock gear and it will be obvious how much better it works...especially if you have a lot of retractions :)

    That said...i'm not using a bowden setup anymore...i'm using the ZGE which also uses Bondtech gears.

  5. Beyond the responsiveness of the servers, the overall architecture of the app is questionable...

    Not to mention the UI...if you are not using a retina display and have good, no top notch, eye vision you will struggle with this site.

    As a simple example...hit the search button in the top right...and tell me if you did not have to think if the click actually worked...there is a search field there...but it is so well hidden even Sherlock Holmes would have had a hard time locating it...

  6. How are the loading times on the rest of the site compared to the forums

    Once the forum page has loaded, clicking on a post or subforum is better. Although it is still worse that other forum software. But at least that part did not get worse over summer.

    But there are actions that also shows sign of too high latency. I don't remember what I did yesterday, but that action took like 20 secs. Maybe its doing a lot more DB accesses then, or it is accessing some data that has way too high latency.

  7. Initial page load for the forum...from typing the address and hitting enter until you see the main forum page...40 secs...

    This has been the case since I returned to checking the forum after my summer vacation. I don't know what you did to the backend...but how this could not have been discovered earlier and addressed already is...:O


    I looked quick on ebay, its not called key steel, but just stainless square bar


    Its supplied in 400 and 500mm lengths in 4x4mm

    as long as its pretty straight, would it work ?


    Indeed that should work. @Gudo might now much better than me if that's ok or not.

    What I do know it's that you can 'rectify' them by hand, and love (always love ;))


    Don't expect them to be 100% straight...they are shipped in some bubble wrap and a plain taped envelope so even if they are straight when posted...you are at the mercy of the delivery service...I ordered 2 just to have one spare and hoping that 2 packed together would not bend as much as one...thinking that they would not be packed that well :p

    That said...mine were not that badly out of shape...tested them on the glass bed of our stove...maybe max 1 mm off on the whole length...and at least one of them I could straighten out pretty good with little effort...didn't try the second one yet

    But time will tell how good it actually works :)

  9. On the bright side the community (I mean the people) is great, this is probably why we are still around against all odds...


    True...and there is a lot of good stuff here...otherwise I would not come here so frequently...but you have to jump through hoops to find it :(

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    Any News when the Bug with next page in sub forums gets adressed?

    This is really annoying.



    Seriosly...this forum is, and has been for more than one week, unusable unless you want to read only the most recent posts :(If you can't keep your own software working maybe it's time to bite the bullet and use third-party software proven to work.


    Fast-forward almost 2 months and this is still not addressed... :(

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