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  1. The whole bed needs to be stabilized...it's really sensitive to vibrations. And the Cura 2.x release has made it even more pronounced since they appear to be "experimenting" a lot more with acceleration which leads to the head making rapid speed changes so it vibrates more. It is really obvious if you watch the bed when it is printing infill.
  2. @sandervg Seriosly...this forum is, and has been for more than one week, unusable unless you want to read only the most recent posts :( If you can't keep your own software working maybe it's time to bite the bullet and use third-party software proven to work.
  3. I just tried the "mobile experience" and...I don't know what to say... Firstly it was not obvious how to login...and a lot of "elements" that works on the desktop, is still present in the mobile view, but you can't use them (like checkmarks in the notification list). And in the top-level list I can't see which post (of the few that are listed in each section) that have unread posts.
  4. +1 million for this This change is a huge step backwards in accessibility...as it was never there before unless you had unread notifications. For people without perfect eye vision the fact that there is now always a blue bubble with a tiny number 0 (that is very hard to see) for no new notifications make that blue bubble irrelevant. Now it always looks like there are new notifications :(
  5. The page navigation at the bottom of a section is broken...instead of moving to the next page in that section it seems to move the the next page for all posts :( Here I am on the first page in the "Modification & Hacks" category: And after clicking on "page 2" at the bottom of the page i'm taken to this page...which contains totally irrelevant posts...and the breadcrumb indicates that i'm not at the top of the forum:
  6. Good...that was the folder I meant above when I just wrote "cura user folder" Glad to hear you are back on track again
  7. Not sure what CCleaner deleted. But I had to delete the whole cura-user-folder before the final 2.3 build started working.
  8. This image speaks for itself...the menu has an overlay issue (Chrome on Win 7). The problem goes away as soon as you scroll the page though. And that is on top of the issue that this part of the menu is not taken into account when you scroll the page with the spacebar (that I reported a bit above in this thread).
  9. Viewing the new forum from my MacBook Air (non-retina screen) now and, yes, it looks better that on my Windows laptop. The fonts are not as weird, but still very thin. But light grey text on white background???
  10. Thanks @Daid, you made my life soo much better today
  11. Try renaming the folder where all the settings are kept ("~/Library/Application Support/cura/" I think it is now, or "~/.cura"). I think the final 2.3 version doesn't like it if you had one of the 2.3 betas installed. I just installed 2.3 on a Windows 7 laptop and it just disappeared after showing the splash screen and I had one of the 2.3 betas installed. But after I renamed the settings folder and launched 2.3 again so it created a fresh settings folder it started properly.
  12. Yup, I can confirm that it looks awful on a Windows laptop with non-retina screens. I haven't tried on a retina screen...simply because the devices I use when visiting this forum doesn't have such a screen. That, combined with not having perfect vision, makes it hard to read this forum now :(
  13. Scrolling a page with the spacebar (or clicking in the scrollbar) is "broken"...in the sense that the menus at the top is covering a major part of the page and when you scroll you will miss the same amount of content so you have to manually scroll back using arrow keys or manually moving the scrollbar.
  14. No, the whole forum feels more "washed out" now compared to before.
  15. Yup, IE 11 doesn't like the new forum...and my eyes doesn't like it either I have reported a number of issues in the general forum feedback thread...but the feedback/confirmation is still missing.
  16. Btw, the new color scheme used here has made it a lot harder to read, unless you have perfect 20/20 vision. Thin light blue, and light grey, text on white background is imo not so easy for the eye to read. It was better before but now...I have to put a strain on my eyes to read some of the text here. Also the use of a very light grey area around a white area is also making the appearance harder to view.
  17. Same behavior on Safari 9 on OS X 10.11. Again, it goes away when I clear all notifications.
  18. Looks like it is tied to notifications. If I have an unread notification the profile dropdown is always shown and I cannot get it to go away. But if I read all the notifications then the profile dropdown behaves as it should
  19. Chrome on Windows 7. Here is another "not so nice" picture of the profile overlay issue
  20. In Chrome it looks like this when you are not logged in: And when you click on "Login" you are shown a tabbed form where you can either login or sign up. So the previous issue seems to be related only to IE.
  21. Just tried with IE (the other pics were from Chrome) and there I cannot even login (Maybe that is the case in Chrome also...will test that after I have posted this...) First of all...where is the login link? I'm a registered user and thus "Sign up" is not what I want to do. But lets disregard that for now and "sign up"... Please tell me where I should fill in my login credentials But wait...didn't I click on the "Sign up" button??? Why am I taken to a "Login" page and not to a page where I can register as a new user???
  22. There is also this overlay at the lower right corner that is always there... What was so wrong about having this in the top menu...together with the other menu options???
  23. Ok, a refreshed forum look... BUT...the profile dropdown menu is always shown for me and blocks part of the page. There is nothing I can do to prevent it from showing...except logging out...but that kind of defeats the purpose :(
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