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  1. This one is better After a little more inspection: the part is still too wide: so I have nearly no up and down rocking but I can rock it left to right (that's why my joke is so "bend" to the side when I feed filament into it (I hope it is understandable what I try to say) By the way: I think the edge of the mating part (the arm) is not flat (on the side that was related to the up-down rocking issue), so it can still rock a tiny bit up and down (during retractions) - that needs further inspection. However, when printing the new joke I had a weird underextrusion problem - I have to look into
  2. It took way too long (life came in the way) but I printed 3 calibration cubes (10,15,20mm) and all of them were spot on (highest deviation was 0.04mm)
  3. Interestingly: the channel for the PTFE tube is a tight and precise fit - that's why I ruled out my printer as the issue.
  4. I finally managed to print your feeder @neotko It is pretty nifty - I have just a few minor things - that hopefully are not related to my printer: first: the nut holes for the screws that connect front and back are way too big for me. second: the bearing "hole" is also too big: my bearings from the UM2+ feeder are not tightly in your feeder. and, which is a bit more critical: The hands have too much room to rock up and down during retracts. and lastly: for me (I use a quite short soft spring) the hands are "bend" to the outside when I tighten the spring even a little. -> The spring pr
  5. Thanks! Haven't had time to print it yet, but soon will. One question however: the Bondtech gear size is slightly different in diameter than my current UM2+ feeder knurled wheel - this should result in a slightly different E-step value right? I mean it will only be a minor difference but it is worth to recalibrate, right?
  6. Thanks! @neotko As Robert gave his ok, can I kindly ask again for the file?
  7. The problem is that I am currently "blessed" with onshape - which can not import STLs in a reasonable way. Basically something like this - super simple clamping hooks: (probably with a steeper hook angle, and further apart or 3 instead of 2, but you get the idea ) onshape document Thinking about it - maybe the other way around - so the opening is facing the printer wall - then the cable is definitively fixated... Great :)my bondtech stuff should arrive soon, so I can try it out. Good to know and yay - thanks!
  8. As I said, I am interested in just one single file of the feeder, but I understand, so if @IRobertI gives his ok? (Will he get a notification when mentioned with @ ?) Worst case, I have to redo the measurements myself
  9. Nice one You say "using 6-3mm classic UM bowden" - just to make sure: you designed it with the 1/4" (6.35mm) OD bowden in mind, right? not plain 6.00mm? And would you be so kind to release the design file for "Um2plusbondtech Holder" - I would like to add clips/brackets (not sure how to call them correctly) to get the black cable nicely tucked away - because messing around with STL files is annoying. thanks!
  10. Hard to say, maybe it was just a hickup - have you recopied the file? or just pushed print again? The problem with such complex machines is: if you can not reproduce the error you have pretty much lost at that point :( I would keep an eye on that SD card - or maybe really use another one if possible and if it then happens again you know it is not the card but something different.
  11. This looks excatly like my problem: 21252-weird-axis-movement-mid-print The problem was a broken SD card. It would explain the out of printarea error as the wrongly read gcode would make the printer move outside the build area. Can you try a different one as well? Just read you already swapped it - maybe the new one is just faulty? Do you have by chance a third one? Are you using a micro-sd to sd adapter? maybe that one is faulty (bad contacts).
  12. Go and extended(+) have different branches; std/std(+) are in master. That's why the Cura package.sh checks out different branches. UM2.1 should be the new firmware that will ship with the new Cura 2.1
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