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    • Slipping pulleys or gears or belts can cause the print to slightly shift and start leaning. Tighten pulleys/gears/belts to stop this happening. ( as you explain , you do it )
    • Friction along the axis might cause it to lose steps. Just a few steps here and there, enough to make it lean. Clean and lubricate the axis so there’s no friction.
    • A misaligned printer frame or bed will result in a leaning print as well, check everything is as straight as possible.
    • Check Current in your stepper drivers and tune it acording motor datasheet.

      for the rest look on facebook , reedit, amino for other group about Anet because you are on ultimaker forums here , there is an example forum you can get more help https://www.3dprintingforum.org/anet 😉
  1. Hi there, is been a long time 🙂

    im back again with a new ridle with a UM3.

    so wath' is the problem ? yes, let me in 

    for explain simple, there is "slipping" on Y belt in the machine while X travels.


    for be more simple, there is the video in "slo mo"


    i tried re align all the pulleys and re tigthen everything but nothing do it.


    BTW, it hapens one everytime machine starts rigth after a homing but after it no more hapens during stress test or other movement of the XY square.

    can it be a electronical problem ?

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