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  1. I believe so, I have not altered print temp at all and it has printed fine before. When i heat up the nozzle and push filament through, it is nice and smooth.
  2. I have the ultimaker 2 extended and I'm having some issues with my print, it is coming out quite jagged and not very fine. This is a recent issue as the last print i did printed fine. Also noticed some clicking noises coming from my extruder. I have tried re leveling the print bed and also clearing out the nozzle via the atomic method. Any ideas of how to fix this issue would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance!
  3. Thank you nicolinux! I created the file in rhino, and going back into that file, I realize not all the polysurfaces align at the bottom plane, small minor discrepancies but there nonetheless. Am fixing it now and have a hunch that it will fix the problem.
  4. Hello, I have the ultimaker extended 2. Have done some test prints that came with the sd card (voronoi heart, Earring circle) which all printed fine. I'm trying to print something a bit larger (as pictured in the cura format photo above) but everytime, some part of the print, the filament comes out jagged. I have tried the atomic method to clean out the nozzle, re leveling the build plate, and adjusting the material feeder in the back. The results are always the same. Somewhat jagged thin pieces of filament (though not everywhere). Completely lost, any ideas on troubleshooting this issue? Thank you in advance for any help!
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