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  1. For me its more like, you fix one thing and another on flares up, but yeah I think my Girlfriend will leave me if I spent another night infront of my UM2 fixing it.
  2. I am experiencing some problems regarding the z-Axis of my UM2. First I had skipped layers and now banding gets worse and worse. When I move the bed up and down manually, can feel resistance almost every 1-1,5 cm. I already tried cleaning it with a simple cloth and afterwards regreasing with the provided grease, but it didn´t help. Is there some way to completly clean the Z-axis? Special cleaning solution? special cleaning "brush"? Do I have to change the bearings?
  3. I bought an expensive printer, had to mod it to work decently, invested about 300€ by now. The upgrade kit comes along, and bam 500€... to fix, what should mostly have been fixed in the design stage of the UM2. There are many things in this kit, that most UM2 owner already bought, to get their printer to work. To be honest, I´m a little bit frustrated now, I thought that if I don´t buy cheap, that I don´t have to buy twice. I currently don´t have the budget to buy this upgrade and so I´m screwed, because I bought my UM2 1 month too early. This should not be a personal attack against the co
  4. Just to be sure, have you tried different temperatures and speeds?
  5. But will they (3dSolex) fit with the new "Spring replacement"?
  6. Perfect, thats what I wanted to know, but somehow couldn´t articulate it
  7. I own a UM2 and I`m asking myself, if I should buy the coupler, because mine deformed, now or wait till all the upgrade stuff is out. Just thought they were all PTFE.
  8. So is there any news regarding the upgrade kit? what price category will it be ? 100€? 300€? 500€? I'm currently in the situation, that I have to order some spares/upgrades for my UM2 and dont want to buy twice as I really want the feeder upgrade. The biggest question is when will it be released, because if it comes out in a month I can wait but if it gets released at the last day of Q1 thats harder to do. Also, do the PTFE´s from the UM2 fit into the new design of the UM2+?
  9. Hi! I recently bought an UM2, about a month ago, after testing the water with PLA and upgrading my Ultimaker wherever I could, I tried ABS. There's only one 3d printing supply store in my city and they only have one type of ABS that they sell, it prints really well and is quickly becoming my favourite filament, but there are some odd things about it and I hope someone can enlighten me, where this filament comes from and if its really ABS. Why i don´t think it is ABS: .) It does not really Stink, It is more or less odorless. .) It does not really dissolve in Aceton, its just becomes soft a
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