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  1. Seems the Z motor setup has changed in a number of ways - the screw I had was much thicker than that used in the Original+, for instance. Got a new Z-motor/screw and lead nut from the seller and moved on to progressively more frustrating issues.
  2. This seems to have come up for a number of people but not actually been addressed properly. The general idea is that the hotend fails to heat up (a lot of people are saying it fails the 10 degrees in 40 seconds test, or some other combinations of delta Q/delta t) and when reporting the problem, the Ulticontroller screen goes unreadably dim and flickers, which persists until it's turned off. Interacting with the knob on the Ulticontroller brightens the display for a fraction of a second, for what little diagnostic help that information might provide?
  3. I'm trying to put together an Original+ that I just received (mostly consulting the Original+ Assembly pdf, and the wiki assembly instructions at some stages). I can't find the Z drive nut for the heated bed pictured in either the Original+ Assembly pdf or the Heated Bed Assembly pdf, only the squashed tube pictured in the wiki, for which the Original+ kit doesn't seem to have any of the wooden housing parts. Has the design changed in some way (if so, are up to date instructions available?) or am I simply missing a part (if so, what exactly are the specs of this part, should I be able to acqu
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