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  1. Okay.... I'm new with this wich wire is it? And how can I change the nozzle? Thanks!!
  2. Thanks! One more question... Do you know what it can be when I'm printing something that takes about 10 hours so after 5 hours the temperatur will drop rom 210C to about 40 - 60 c for about 10sec and then back to 210 c and again and a again until the machine says stop...
  3. When evething starts to work then will the black box that which feeds the machine not to work... I haven't done nothing but the black thing is loose and I can't get it to take the PLA.... What should I do? Thanks!
  4. Hi, What should I do when I make let's say a phone cover. It looks OK but when I take it of the machine when it done the bottom of it looks like a bush... Why? What am I doing wrong? Thanks! !
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