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  1. UM3+ confirmed. Same printer, slight modification.... faster print time with PVA support?
  2. Are you saying you can boot from the USB port on the front? Where did you download the firmware file from? I am saying that taking the USB key out of the front and then putting it back in, then restarting the printer made it work for me. No idea why/how, it just worked after having the same symptoms you described. 2 of our 4 UM3's did that. 1 caused a failed print, the other it happened on start up. Seems Ultimaker has more debugging to do.
  3. Mine did that this morning. I had to turn it on, take the USB out, put it back in, turn it off, turn it on, wait. And it loaded fine. Gave me a scare, 2 of them did that.
  4. Go in the Ultimaker menu and there should be a restore to factory settings option. Then connect your Ultimaker to the WIFI using the standard procedure. Then using Cura 2.3 you can update it/etc. I think mine simply updated by itself once it was connected to our Wifi.
  5. I fixed it... weirdest thing. In my case it must open on my primary monitor. If you close it while you had it open on a secondary monitor, it will crash. So that means w/e i am doing, when closing Cura it has to be located on your primary monitor. Very weird... But i have a 34" ultrawidescreen curved monitor coming in to replace my dual screen setup, so not an issue later on (at least for me).
  6. Reinstall firmware after doing a restore to factory on the printer?
  7. Unsure what to do... Cura 2.3 no longer works. It will freeze and crash every single time, on both computers. One running windows 10, the other 7. I have reinstalled, restarted, checked firmware, etc, etc, etc, nothing is working. The kicker is yesterday everything was working perfectly fine...
  8. Version 1.0


    Quick 4 inch print of the Hel supercarrier from eve-online. A very difficult 3d print that i would normally do at around 10 inches. Our new Ultimaker 3 printed it with zero issues. Amazing considering it's not only a very small print (4 inches/10 cm) but has numerous 'angled armor plates' that are very difficult to normally print. Ultimaker 3 FTW!
  9. I wouldn't mess with the insides of brand new UM3's tbh... Right now kind of grounded for long prints, i spoke to the owner of the building where we rent space for our business, they do not care. They have to abide by some pretty strict regulations. Thought of sticking them in our utility closet but it's kind of messy and 30 feet from the nearest outlet. No point having a 'nice' workshop if our printers are struck in a tiny closet lol Editing the gcode is a good idea... id have to dig into it (unless someone already has... @Daid
  10. PLEASE update the firmware to let us do it asap. We got a $150 fine last night for leaving our lights on at work. Well our lights were off... but our UM3's were running. Yes they are that bright! Not cool :-(
  11. There's an online guide, that's what i used to setup the first one, and then setup the 3 other's. Only thing is filament recognition isn't working... I plugged the antenna properly, i'm using Ultimaker chipped filament... so idk... I had to tell it manually what it was. Hi Ronan, thank you for your message. How do you mean it is not working? Are you sure you have plugged the cable in correctly? Have you contacted a support team for assistance? Looking forward hearing from you! Yes I plugged the white cable in. It's not working on any of the 4 UM3's we bought. Meaning i must be doing something wrong... so will check again today.
  12. http://www.skypirate.net/rocketry/con_paint_03.htm
  13. There's an online guide, that's what i used to setup the first one, and then setup the 3 other's. Only thing is filament recognition isn't working... I plugged the antenna properly, i'm using Ultimaker chipped filament... so idk... I had to tell it manually what it was.
  14. Is printing with PVA support suppose to make a 2 hour long print over 13 hours? That's what i am getting... for quite the small print, in Normal Quality. That means my average 10 hour long prints are going to take a few days... This can't be right?...
  15. Nice. They always sell for what i put them at, but can't stop certain people from 'offering' absurd low amounts and then getting mad when they don't get it. How many UM do you sell? 6 um2 were replaced over the last year with um2+. Um3 Arriving this week I believe. Let's hope it's all that it's claimed to be!
  16. Nice. They always sell for what i put them at, but can't stop certain people from 'offering' absurd low amounts and then getting mad when they don't get it.
  17. When you post something for $1200 when the going price is around $1500 used and they contact you offering less than $500 because 'thats the going price' in their head, that's being annoying. When you show them what the going price is, they resort to using non-sense idiotic comments. eBay is full of them, and they seem to target people that post 3d printers. I have sold numerous used Ultimaker's on eBay (basically when ever we upgrade our printers), and every time it happens. Some of them will actually keep contacting us until we block them/add on ignore. We all go through a rough time, but i do not understand how someone can ask for a fraction of the price of the current rate, and then have a big mouth about it when they are politely refused. The term low balling comes to mind.
  18. Hey mate, ignore those ebay idiots. It's the same 4-5 individuals harassing people. Every time we put an older Ultimaker for sale on eBay after replacing them with a new one, they kept contacting us offering 1/4 the going rate on eBay and how we are ignorant about prices. A few have been reported and blocked. If you push through it sells within a week or so.
  19. @neotko Wasn't aware it's an issue posting an Ultimaker link to my filament sale, my bad mate!
  20. How to get spare parts: Step 1: Contact your local Ultimaker reseller/distributer (or use their online shop). Step 2: Place Order & Pay. Step 3: Wait a few days for parts to arrive. That's how we do it, ordered from a tiny missing screw, all the way to a full head. Never had any issues. It's a lot easier/quicker than traditional methods with bigger 3D printers/machines.
  21. My company, has an overstock of materials, time to let some go! Shipping is NOT included! $10 2-Day shipping within the US per roll! The more you buy, the cheaper the total is! Brand New, Unopened, still sealed: ColorFabb Leaf Green PLA 750g: $30 ColorFabb Signal Yellow 750g: $30 ColorFabb Bamboofill 600g: $40 ColorFabb Corkfill 650g: $40 ColorFabb XT-CF20 Carbon Fiber 750g: $40 ColorFabb Copperfill 750g: $45 ColorFabb Brassfill 750g: $45 Recreus Filaflex White/Flexible 500g: $30 I accept paypal as payment. Simply respond here or contact us with what you want. Moderator Edit: Contact by private msg
  22. Already ordered one to test. If it works as good as Ultimaker claims, then it will replace a few of our UM2+.
  23. We run a 3D design/printing company and our bread & butter are our Ultimaker's. I have no idea why you are having such an issue with yours/your customers. We have printed from sample toys to full on 5 feet long high quality models and everything in between. Yes sometimes you need to cut and weld parts and even paint them after doing some cleaning up/sanding. It's still MUCH cheaper than traditional rapid-prototyping or even small runs which are usually very expensive. Yes supports are a pain, but 9/10 times can be worked around/with. Sometimes it means you have to put extra work into getting a high quality finished product. This new printer eliminates that, which is why we already pre-ordered one to test it. Also, we originally replaced a $25,000 printer with a Ultimaker 2+ and received the exact same results (Since then we sold that expensive printer and bought 6x Ulti's). Sure our stratasys can print in higher quality and in full color and support is never an issue... but that's a whole different price tag (and the finish products are much more expensive too!). Like in everything, how much work you put into it will yield higher quality results. Also a pro-tip, your 3d printer is just a small part of your ecosystem at work. Softwares are much more expensive and some are pretty damn difficult to master.
  24. Yes it has dual extruder, for printing soluble supports. Yes it will be extremely expensive. Yes Cura is getting an update.
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