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  1. If you don't want your stuff stolen, then don't share it (or watermark it). Once you upload it on the internet, expect it to be used not appropriately, that's why i don't share anything that i make money from. Learned that one 15 years ago, hasn't changed then, doesn't change now. Protect your stuff. Source: Me, ex-professional photographer (fashion/event/sport).
  2. Been printing with it for awhile for my business (www.pro3dservices.com), it's tricky to print. On our UE2+'s we use the following for XT black, white and grey: You need a thin layer of glue/equivalent on the hot bed. Print it around 250 (a bit hotter when moving faster, a bit colder when moving slower). Bed at 70-75. Speed 50-70 depending of your object. Fan 0% at the begining so the bottom layers adhere properly. Fan 50-75% after to retain details (the finer the details, the more fan). Edit: I should add that i have yet found XT to be stronger than regular PLA which is VERY disappointing. Also removing support/raft is a pain in the... yepp. Nylon is best for mechanical parts and rapid prototyping.
  3. lol most of us don't want to pay more to have a camera 'built-in' when most already own a camera. They could sell a 'upgrade' kit or something, that would work though.
  4. Lots of camera's available that will auto-upload to a instagram/cloud/etc. Our cheap $100 P&S does that. I can be anywhere on my phone or tablet and check on the progress.
  5. Magic. Each Ultimaker comes with a reserve of pixie dust. Once it runs out, you have to purchase the next upgrade model though. I'm curious to see how my Ultimaker 2 Extended+ would print those, with the new fan shrouds/etc.
  6. Id love to know... i have a few designs similar to that and if it happens... [insert curse here]. Hmnn...
  7. I design buildings and put fire escapes in them all the time - but have never personally been in a fire! http://www.soliforum.com/topic/6608/beware-your-3d-printer-they-can-cause-fires/ google 3d printer fire ...... they happen. Consider the risk small or not at all, but it is definitely there like with any electrical kit - h, except these have heaters and no runaway overprotection. I don't runaround worrying about little things but I do think hard about flamable heated things in an unattended space! You design them with a fire escape because it's the law. Your home/media pc could catch fire, or even your modem box, those are usually on all the time.
  8. Yepp got one for that purpose. You can easily leave it running overnight. Worst case is you wake up to a mess of spaghetti hair. There's plenty of more dangerous stuff that stays on at night than a 3d printer. No idea of anyone in the Indianapolis area though.
  9. I think even the most advanced printers, people dont realise there is a certrain skill involved. we are still in the "made out of paper and glue using beavers tails" wright brothers age of filght when it comes to 3D printers, but far to many companies are selling them as auto pilot A380's. but yes, definately satire, if not very very true satire. That goes for anything honestly...
  10. People buy garbage and expect it to work flawlessly. Sigh... I'm guessing the blog post has to be taken with a large spoon of satire? Some people have produced gorgeous designs with 3D printers.
  11. I just started a small business offering 3D services. Reason we went with Ultimaker is because there's people to talk too if/when there's a problem and there's parts to be bought/replaced with! There's an entire army of users who are willing to help too. Can't beat that. Sooooo many other companies out there sell a printer and thats it. I hope our Form2 doesn't run into problem, because it doesn't have the CS or user base for quick answers/solutions/etc
  12. WTS Ultimaker Nozzle, Mounted Once...
  13. Hey guys, i'm wondering who makes the best ABS (or abs-like) material to print with for durable/professional work? I got my hands on some colorfabb XT and putting it through its paces for now. But i'm still curious if ABS or even nylon is the way to go for rapid-prototyping and making durable parts (that are paintable)... Thank you **Ordered a Ultimaker 2 Extended+
  14. Very sad. Our 14.5 year old Yorkie passed away last week.
  15. You do pay a premium. If it had dual extruders with the same print quality then i would say they are in the ballpark of where it should be. Now it's important to note that Ultimakers are much more reliable than nearly all the other cheaper (and some more expensive) printers. Also, i have yet to find a printer that has the same print quality as the ultimaker without having to spend (much) more money.
  16. Ronan

    Printing fees

    I'm curious. What are people expecting one of their Ultimakers 2 to produce in revenue per month/year? How many printers do you guys have to have a sustainable business? I'v seen the prices of industrial printers, and the cost for those services are quite high. For a small business, it's not recommended or even probable.
  17. With the competition getting better and cheaper, Ultimaker needs to strengthen its position. Dual-extruders are getting quite common, palette is turning any 1.75mm printer into a 4 color printer, there 3mm version can't be too far away too, there's now cheaper laser and CNC cutters available, etc. 3D printers are getting bigger and cheaper too.
  18. Those have been around for a VERY long time. I make them myself since its much cheaper. Big plastic rectangle container, cut a hole in the back, fit a fan so it sucks air into the box. Put a large paper filter and spray into it, voila done. Cost is $50. Ebay sells some nicer one's for a few hundred dollars. Or you can go full-on with what the Japanese model-kit/gunpla crowd use, and buy a airbrush fan. Sits on your table, has a built in filter and quite a powerfull fan. You put some paper in front of it and spray onto that, any fumes get sucked in, filtered and voila done.
  19. Id love to know if there's one in the US that has it in stock... So far they are all selling the 2... at the price of the 2+
  20. Grats! Hope it's ok... packaging looks like it's been through a lot!
  21. Amazing, i was about to buy a Ultimaker 2 Extended last week and decided to wait a bit... Ultimaker 2 Extended+ here i come!
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