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  1. Thanks Guys, this confirms what I thought that there is something badly wrong. I think you are right returning the printer is the best option as its under warranty. Our last 3D printer we built so its very tempting to start taking it apart and trying to fix it. The machine looks really well made and I loved the lights that came on , can't wait to get a working one.
  2. Just opened our Ultimaker 2 Go. We followed the instructions at : https://ultimaker.com/en/support/127-unboxing The instructions show that the build plate can easily be moved upwards by hand. It is absolutely stuck with no movement at all. We then turned on the machine and it makes some mechanical noises. Build plate does not move. After which the screen reports the Error " Z Switch Broken" We looked at the Z Switch underneath the machine, and we can see that the screw underneath the build plate is not making contact with the switch. Tested the micro-switch with a multimeter and it works as you would expect. Should I just return the machine or am I missing something really obvious?
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