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  1. Aw you are amazing... I asked ultimaker was there any other kind of feeder but they didn't say there was and just suggested i glue the wheel on. I make really tiny, detailed stuff but soon as the wheel starts to come lose it really shows in my work. I'm gona take your advice, thanks
  2. Hi there did anyone sort this using loctite? I've had the same problems happen again with my supplier saying other people were having the same problems. When I got the larger wheel and tightened it, it worked fantastic for about a month then it slacked off again, I tightened and it was ok but this time it won't tighten. Seems like the thread is damaged ass it won't stay tight so I'm awaiting a new wheel but I can’t seem to find one the correct size on open purchase so I have to wait while someone provides me with one. At this rate I’m going to need a new wheel every 2-4 months. Any advice
  3. no blockages, it prints perfect when in the correct place and the filament pours out with ease, did the tightening of the screw against the flat section of the bar. It only grinds if it is off centre, problem is it just won'y stay tight so when it is in the correct place it just comes loose. I think I'll go for the loctite and see if that helps. I have extra grub screws in case its that but my supplier had someone with the same problem with another machine so I thought I'd chuck it out here to see what ppl say. When my ultimaker arrived the wheel was just placed on the bar with the grub
  4. Hi all got my ultimaker 2 go in jan 2016 and couldn't print at first, searched the net and did everything twice then changed the filament again and hey presto it printed, perfectly. Several of my own prints down the line all was going well until I did a longer (time wise) print and three quarters of the way through it all went wrong. Under-extrusion... but why? Well I did all the checks it wasn't blocked etc etc etc. Then I noticed that most of the images I had found showed the knurled wheel with the grub screw pointing outwards. I noted a post that said an improvement had been the smal
  5. It is possibly your knurled wheel... I'm having the same problems. Is your knurled wheel set back deep into the machine on the shaft or can you see the grub screw? On some machines it appears that the knurled wheel is attached with the grub screw facing inwards... these seem to have problems. Other machines the grub screw faces outwards so it can easily be accessed. Check your knurled wheel and see if it just slides in and out or if it is firmly attached.
  6. Thanks for the responses. The Y Axis doesn't move at all, and therefore only the X axis limit switch gets triggered. I received the Ultimaker to go in this condition. Is the basic recommendation to check it's connected on the board?
  7. Hi, I have a similar error on first run of the Ultimaker 2 go before i can even test print. It reads "X or Y axis is broken" Not sure if you can help here too. I've tried bending the limit switch so it is more curved.
  8. Hi, On first start up during the X/Y Homing calibration we receive an error "X or Y Axis Error on First Start Up" New out of the box, on set up – ‘Homing’ the print head moves to the left, hits the limit switch and bounces back then errors – ‘X or Y switch broken’. Tried to bend/straighten limit switch. Installed Cura and updated firmware. We clicking the limit switch with a pen manually the print head stops correctly. The Print head also appears to not correctly align to the print bed (which you can see in the video) Not sure what to do next... help appreciated, thanks. Video of t
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