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  1. They should have named the thing Grinder, there's lots of issues with it; and I actually was just reading your finishing pla topic dude.... https://ultimaker.com/en/community/10412-acetone-finishing-on-pla#reply-95974 edit: p.s. just finished the topic and have to add: You make some amazing prints Sir!
  2. I just noticed my 3,5 month old UM2 ext is showing some serious debris on the back motors under the belt, i triple checked and the belts move freely and don't rub against anything (as by um2 design). what could be causing this? and what should I do?. Replace the belts? I am getting some of the stuff in the print too.. The printer has a pretty low amount of print/usage hours.
  3. I just noticed the €500,- upgrade set and realise I should really have stepped up and returned the machine in the lawfull 2 week period on european e-sales. Especially since the "old" um2 extruder and fan shroud are fairly shitty, ah well learned my lesson.. What did you do @Edel?
  4. http://www.hinmeijer.nl/product/25706/chloroform
  5. I understand the points made and I don't necessarily feel stuck with an outdated machine. However when you say "The extrusion upgrade pack which will be launched later in Q1. That is already pretty fast! " I read, "you can also wait several months and spent more money to get your brand new printer upgraded to the latest version we just released" Returning the printer and buying the new one will get me all that, and probably better resale value too. Besides I actually have the olsson installed and would benefit from the new fan shroud directly. I know these things can happen with consumer products, and they don't put me off on buying, however I now am still in the position to legally return the machine at no expense (for another week). However it woud be a bitch move towards the supplier..
  6. I too bought an ultimaker2 last week and have mixed feelings about ultimaker now.. I should still be able to sent it back and get a refund, then get the + at the same price, or even a whole different printer as I feel "in het ootje genomen"
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