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  1. FWIW 1 micron looks much worse on FDM than it does on SLA they are almost invisible with SLA. Do you print much at 1 micron ? On my FDM I print at 2micron. Remember this is the cheapest SLA on the market, I'm not saying its the best... I have a feeling it will be the most popular though.
  2. All my prints have layering, its just much more noticeable with FDM. Sea starts at FMD lowest setting 0.1 and goes down, so layering is much less noticeable. Machine prices and consumables will fall with popularity. FDM is cheap because of this, in a few years they may even stop making them, and go the way of the type writer or mechanical calculator. For now though they still rule, you can do so much more with them, simply because of the large build volume, many different filaments, colours and material, and the fact you have more control over infill density and fill patterns. I just see FDM technology slowly being phased out over the years for the consumer level, I think there will always be a need for FDM, just not in the home. I have the CTC Riversides a stripped down form1 clone, ships with cura (hence I have opened an account on there), but I am not sure if the cura bundle is legit or they have stolen the software.
  3. I guess no one knows ? surly Ultimaker would have something to say about this ?
  4. Well i have just bought 2 SLA machines, and I have 4 FDM machines. So I am talking from experience here. For me the following is true (not getting too technical). The first thing is build volume, Its no good if its not big enough. FDM is the clear winner here, SLA need to catch up. SLA is too small for most of my projects. The second thing is quality, SLA is the clear winner here, I simply cannot match the quality of SLA with any of my FDM printers. The third thing is print speed and un attended print. SLA is the clear winner, FDM is noisy and arguably more chance to fail half way though. SLA is much quieter meaning I can print at night. The forth thing is machine price - FDM is the clear winner here - SLA need to come down. The fifth thing is setup, SLA is much simpler, almost plug it in and print. The sixth thing is post cleaning - FDM is the winner hands down - SLA is messy and a ball ache. Conclusion. I think SLA will win to be honest, Most of the caveats will be over come with time, the printers will become cheaper as will consumables, Just look at the price of the CTC Riverside. Wash off will become safer and easier with water washable resins. Build volume will surly get larger. With these improvements - I can see most homes owning one in the next 10-20 years. Just like nearly every home has a TV now. just my opinion on how the tech is right now.
  5. Hi, CTC are now shipping Cura with their new Riverside SLA, I wanted to know if this is a business decision or if they have just 'stolen' the software and bundled it with their printer. If its all legit, are there any plans to include this printer profile with the downloadable versions ? Also do the developers intend to support SLA printers in general and perhaps include tree & branch support structures similar to Meshmixer ? Thanks In Advance 3D Motor Maker...
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