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  1. Im selling my Ultimaker 2 3D printer and filaments and accessories. Its in EXCELLENT shape. I just dont use it enough and am downsizing my life... (wife's idea) ***$1,500 OBO!!!!*** We are currently in Dover Florida (Near Tampa). Would love to show you the printer and do a test print when you come to see it. I have a few different filaments that come with the printer. PLA, ABS, Flex, Translucent... typically $45+ ea. This allows you to get your toe wet in the 3D printing world without having to spend a ton of money. Its fast, reliable, and fun. i have made toys for my niece and nephew, i have made items for around the house that we couldnt have bought. PLUS, i will give you lessons on how to successfully print, maintain and troubleshoot the printer. I also have some videos of the printer in action. Thanks and happy printing!
  2. thank you for your reply. all is working well now. i am printing the rail system for UM2 so i can have dual spools and dual extruders. a lot to do but i think it will be worth it! now all i have to do is learn coding..... any ideas??? thanks chase
  3. thank you for your reply. i have been busy with work and just now saw this. i have bent the metal down slightly and that didnt help. so i printed a new fan shroud and replaced the stock one and the sound is gone. it was the fans vibrating the metal and creating the resonating sound that was very loud. i had to adjust the cura setting to lower the fan speed because i had heater errors with the new shroud. but all is well now!! thank you!! me next big thing is dual extrusion. i have seen some really cool ideas with the UM2 but i have ZERO knowledge of coding and Gcodes and all that. thanks!! Chase
  4. hello there! this is my first time using this forum. i hope that i can figure everything out with relative ease. I brought my UM2 about 2 months ago and i LOVE IT!! i have been using it moderately. i have been taking great care of it, covering it at night, oiling it and everything. it has been working great. however, the other day it started to make this vibrating/resonating sound while printing. now, ive only noticed this sound while the fans are ON. so during the initial layer lay-down while the fans are OFF it does not make this sound. so i have narrowed it down to that. I have attached a video of the sound. you can hear it very loud after the 00:30 mark. i tried lubing it more with the sewing machine oil on the horizontal rods without success. i will add that i have the olsson block installed on my printer. but, it has been installed for a while and has just now started to make this sound. here are some pics of the heat sink "touching" the fan mount, but it has been that way ever since i installed the olsson block. but, i have removed the fan mount and tried to push the heat sink in further without success. i should add that NONE of the prints are affected by this sound/vibrations. it is just loud and irritating. TIA!!!
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