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  1. Hi @JohnInOttawa, As I've been a teacher in IR theory and how to use those cameras that's installed/used in mission helicopters ( rotary wing) and mission aircraft (fixed wing), -allow me to answer this one. The infrared specter consist of three band: Lo band - Medium band and High end band. For 3D printing we are in Lo and Medium infrared spectrum band. The colors is a key factor when it comes to heat radiation in our 3D printing "temperature area". Black is the color that radiate and attract heat best! Withe is the poorest heat radiator in both, radiati
  2. Hi Greg, I knew you was young, -and now I'm sure by the picture.. Nice girl.. Happy birthday and celebrate properly.. I know you can.. 😁 Best regard Torgeir
  3. 👍 Thanks for your feedback. Regards Torgeir
  4. Hi @Fulv, I'll think the UM3 max bed temp is 100 deg., Celsius. I know that UM PC advice using bed temp at 110 deg., C. However, PC in general say/use (80-120) deg., Celsius. On my UM2E+ I'm using a simple top hat, that's covering the top and prevent "cold air" from direct inflow from above. This has proven good for me I'm able to print with nylon and Adamant S1 with this printer.. I'll think if you can keep the bed temperature stable at, say 105 deg. C with a top hat you will be good.. But this will sure be in the experimental area.. Here
  5. Hi @Desprinzla, I'll suggest you go to this site, where you'll find a guide of how to download a log file(s) to the USB device. Here: https://support.ultimaker.com/hc/en-us/articles/360015583819-Save-log-files-to-USB In this page, you'll also find a mail button (submit a request) for addressing your problem. Thanks Torgeir
  6. Hi folks, I've not a S5, but do have a S3. Why not try to print whithout using the material station, just in order to see where the problem is. The material station may signal, -"I cannot feed" for some reason. I'll assume this will give an indication where the failure is. Thanks Torgeir
  7. Hi André, Good test, -printing without using the heat bed -in order to sort out of a such a problem.. Sure, the power supply always takes the heavy load, and it's the problem in (80-95)% of ~all kind of electronics failures, -cause they are very often under dimensioned! As usual, good luck. Best regard Torgeir
  8. Hi, You might have an issue with the power fluctuating! It might be due to your power connector feeding system, or due to some component (located at the main PCB or external component connected to this PCB) drawing to much current intermittent. An intermittent power drop will cause the processor to restart.. Easiest -is to try another power supply.. Since this occur also cause loss of 5 VDC, -the main power for the processor. But might also be sign of a failing component taking down the 5 V DC power converter for the second time.. There might be a sign of an ove
  9. Oh.. Here is the sliced file, for "Ender 3 Pro": But don't know if you can use it on an Ender 3.. CE3PRO_C480_CajaSlide.gcode
  10. Hi @rodcoronadoh, Just loaded up your model with Cura 4.8.0., but still don't see your printer. So I just set the printer to "Ender 3 pro" that I've got installed. There was no issues at all, selected standard quality and skirt. Here's your model: I'll think you have an issue with your slicer/pc-brand.. ? Good luck Torgeir
  11. Hi @rodcoronadoh, I agree with what Greg and Kmanstudios are saying here - it is certainly possible to 3D print this object. However, when you shared your print project, I'll guess you exported the file -so we just got the 3MF file without the printer "setting data" for Cura to use when slicing. To save this file, you'll need to use "save project" in the file pull down menu. So when we open this file in Cura, we'll see your printer "installed" in our "version" of Cura, if this version can read the the current 3MF format (as newer versions cannot read some olde
  12. No problem, I've two laptop and two desk top with Win7 for the same reason.. In the aviation, programs are certified to run on Win7 (XP, or even DOS) using a "certified type" of laptop.. (so I've got two of them). A numbers of programs ask for a new license if you upgrade to Win 10. So sure I'll know this issue. Because of all these "motherboard / BIOS" issues, I started using the "pro" version of the motherboard that worked much better and did not have all this weird behavior we often came across then. Did you notice how different the Dremel version is installed.. I'm going to
  13. Hi @flea77, I've had to think a little about this. All seems to be good, -but there is one very different issue -Windows 7. When I'm thinking back, I'll almost got a problem with every update, either Cura crashed or Windows did... I've often had to remove any sign of the old Cura version, before I could try to install the newer version issued. I was very skeptical about replacing Win7, -however after being using Win10 for one and half yr I'll say this is the best version I've ever had of Windows.. I now have about 15 versions of
  14. This last picture makes me wonder, could this heat shrink tube be used as an insulator, in order to avoid any short short between the heat block (no 2 - the right) and the shield... It might be the heat block that's made this damage to the shrink tube. This ruin the measuring.. The right nozzle go far down in the housing and this must be the real reason for this tube/insulation damage... Maybe a new lesson for us, -and sure me.. I'm curious to see if this is the cause of your problem.. Awaiting.. Torgeir
  15. Hmm. Strange this.. Both side of the cap sensor attachment holes is shield connected. In the first posting, you've mention there there seems to be a sign of "corrosion". The contact point of the red wire is isolated from the shield, and it is passed through the PCB connection to the "active" sensor foil on the underside of this circuit board. The two picture of the sensor is made before and after cleaning and I guess the sensor was removed for this issue. Maybe worth mention, cleaning captive sensors with water is a no, no thing in general. However,
  16. Way to go! 🙂 Thanks for the feedback. Regards Torgeir
  17. Hi @jeffroe, Did you really unplug the cooling fan and test? This is a must to do as the fan might create to much noise, even if the cables are located in the right place when fan is running.. This is something @fbrc8-erin learned us sometime ago. When the leveling process start, the program read the "capacity plus stray capacity" in the head. As long this capacity is within specs, the bed start ricing. At certain height the program expect to see that the capacity is increasing, but if this is not happen, the bed go to home position the process is aborted and signal an
  18. Not a problem. There is really a cold winter down there I can see.. Did you look for the latest driver from openGL? The driver you have is from 2018, but maybe right for win7. You may do a render test to see that your graphic card go through (press the "multi sampling" test). I did go to Dremels home page and downloaded their Cura version for testing. When started it, it took some time.. But this looks like Cura version 3.6.0, it asked me if to over write a previous version of Cura, -but I'll always say no for this to happen. Is the PC you'r
  19. Hi @flea77, Not sure if I can help you much, but lots of people have had problem with getting Cura to work. Very often they had problem with the graphic adapters drivers. -I've had my part as well. 🙂 Cura need to use the API "openGL" (open graphic library) and it must be version 2 or higher. Finding the right driver for "any" laptop or PC can really be a real problem. Anyway, there is a program named "OpenGL Extension Viewer -". This is distributed by Realtech VR (visual reality). The program have many functions, as test etc., and have an optio
  20. Hi @gr5, I'm not 100% sure but I think it means the gcode file is corrupt (actually ufp file for S3). Sure, you're right.. 🙂 Well, I tried to print this latter file (UM3S_Another try.udf), -but got a message with a yellow "exclamation mark" and "Conflict" across the model. Still using firmware 5.8.0 on my S3. (wonder if older firmware addressed this issue different?) Torgeir
  21. Hi there, Just a little note, half of your model is floating above the bed. But if this create the error -have no idea.
  22. Hi @arktape, Thanks. Whats materials selected here matter, I'll think. As this is a bleeding nozzle, -the temperature decrease and the whole thing will bee very cold.. So maybe ABS become very brittle and just snap at times. The nylon is the strongest filament I've been printing ever.. -And also take "some" lo temperatures, -but how this work for your project, I cannot tell. So I'll think all this depend of the physics involved, and to find a perfect match that's make this setup last. Anyway, good luck. Torgeir
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