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  1. Thought about this again the other day. If the machine firmware simply allowed you to input and store a number for filament available. That number would then be decremented by the linear travel of the feed motor. As simple as Store X and Subtract Y. No need for Cura at all. Yes you'd manually have to look at the machine, but that's what I'm doing already so it would fit right in and be very helpful when using 3rd party filament. Thanks for discussing. Hopefully it's something that could exist.
  2. I did get the same effect for both extruders (individually). Setting in only per printer, not extruder. Thus it's probably off a bit depending on where you would print. Thanks Tinkergnome! I spent some time searching for Bounding, Grey area, Limit, and Print One, but they all showed up with posts from 2.3 and 3.1. Glad to know it's being tracked.
  3. I think I see your point. It really should be a [Firmware} request as it's would be a feature on the printer, not within Cura itself. On our end we think of them as one and the same. Should I post a request in the [Firmware] section?
  4. " So it would count from the same setting if you change the spool. So it would only work if you don't change the spool and if you need to change the spool you have to reenter everything again for the new spool and lose the values for the previous one. " I would be perfectly happy with this behavior. Only an estimate, and a manual one at that. Spreadsheet would never happen as I have 10+ ppl printing over the network to one printer. It would be nice to have that estimate, even though I know it would be wrong if the filament gets removed or changed. As I'm the main person to
  5. I'll do my best to describe the issue I'm seeing. I often print multiple parts in a single print. I want to print one part at a time because they are not tall, and usually take up very little space. I have printed 9x cap like object before with no issue up to Cura 3.4. I'm on 3.6.0 now and the size to the bounding box that limits overlap has increased greatly in size. First to note, I have one extruder disabled to be able to select the Print one at a Time option under special modes. I have physically confirmed that the default Ultimaker 3 Ext printhead settings are
  6. You're right in that I could track it manually on a spreadsheet/paper based on Cura estimate. However I'm not the only one using the printer, just its caretaker. As you noted, it's the saving of the information to track it that would be useful. I imagine adding a selection under the Material X setting, it has two lines: Estimated Material Remaining and Manual Filament Remaining Input options. You scroll to the Manual Input, and then scroll to the number of meters remaining in my filament. Then after a few prints, you can navigate to that setting again again, and it would have a
  7. I'd love to be able to manually input an estimate of material remaining when I add or change materials. I've got empty spool weights and a good sense of the density, so it is easy to estimate how much material I have left. I'd like to be able to enter that under that Material 1/2 settings and then have an the system subtract how much each extruder has used from that number. Would give me a live estimate of my remaining material even when I don't have a roll of NFC controlled material available. Thanks! -M
  8. Nicolinux, Thank you for your suggestions. Thought I'd follow up to close it out for any who may find this. It was effectively an issue with the stepper motor and belt that controls that direction. We tried printing cylinders and variously sliced objects that did not reproduce the issue. It was in a region of the plate where the friction on the pulley belt changed quickly. As best as we could figure, having changes in direction in that region messed with the motors ability to return to the same position, thus it skew the parts in that area. A cylinder didn't have the issue because it wo
  9. I was very excited to see the "Infill Steps" feature that would allow the infill to be reduced as you get away from top/bottom surfaces. The factor of 2 reduction is quite abrupt, and causes a lot of printing in the air to occur. For a long time I've wanted an infill that would split and grow to transition from a very sparse density to a very filled layer and always be supported underneath. The image in my head was that of the Divinity School in Oxford, the Vaulted Ceiling: A quick mock-up of how a vaulted unit cell might look something as shown below. The vaulted se
  10. Greetings, (Software forum thinks it's a hardware issue, though I'm skeptical as we print test cylinders and nearly identical parts right afterward with no issue.) I'm having a strange issue with one part printing features at an angle (skewed). Here is an example of the part: You can see how the features skew, and then straighten out. It's got a couple of us scratching our heads, an we think it may be a singularity in how the slicer handles the part. Here's the mating part without any issues printed right before this: I've checked the belts, etc. we even printed a cylinder
  11. (Without having read all 39 pages of replies...) SORT SEARCH RESULTS: I just wanted to add that it's very frustrating to not be able to properly sort the search results. I try to responsibly look for an answer before just asking blindly. It's been very frustrating reading up on possible tuning options only to see the post was from 2012 and not relevant to the current Cura/UM2 at all. It would be nice to sort by date, etc. I'm almost to the point of hoping an external google search will give me what I'm looking for. Thanks for listening to the community overall. Great news on the UM2+,
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